Patisserie 1904 (Nakameguro & Ikejiriohashi, Tokyo)

Patisserie1904aI heard about Patisserie 1904 from a Japanese friend a couple years ago but never had the opportunity to go. Apparently it`s is a hugely popular cake and sweets shop nestled quietly on a residential street between Ikejiriohashi and Nakameguro (one block from Yamate street – the main road).

Patisserie1904cWe had dinner plans at a friends house and picked up four different desserts for the occasion; chocolate caramel, pistachio, fruit tart and a pear dessert. The pear was my favorite. They pealed and cored it then filled it with delicious custard. The kids loved the berry tart. The chocolate and pistachio were rich in flavor – a must try for chocolate and pistachio lovers!

Each of their single servings range from 450 yen – 500 yen a piece.

They have beautiful special occasion cakes, an array of confectionaries and seasonal items. Stop-in or order online. Indoor and outdoor seating available.

Patisserie 1904 Details

Patisserie1904bAddress: 2-5-8 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo (東京都目黒区東山2−5−8)
Phone: 03-3792-1904
Hours: 10:00-19:00; closed on Tuesdays
Access: 9-min walk from Ikejiriohashi Station (map) or a 12-min walk from Nakameguro Station (map)
Additional Location: Roule by 1904 2-31-16 Ikejiri Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (東京都世田谷区池尻2-31-16)

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Patisserie 1904 Patisserie1904 Patisserie1904d

Patisserie 1904, Nakameguro



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