Oyako Cafe & Playroom (Musashi Koyama, Tokyo)

Oyako Cafe / Parent Child Cafe Three Little Pigs (親子カフェ三びきの子ぶた) is another great spot to add to our Top Tokyo Restaurants with Playrooms list.

Oyako Cafe is a clean and cozy, baby & kid-friendly cafe with floor-level tables, private nursing room and play area equip with toys for babies up to kindergarten aged kids. The cafe caters to children ages 0-6 though I think it`s ideal for 0-3 years.

Their adult lunch menu offers a variety of pizzas, pastas & rice dishes which range from 980 – 1300 yen. They also offer a kids` menu, drinks and dessert. The menu is entirely in Japanese but one can order based on the food photos. Note they request that you order for a child aged 1 year or older.

Their play area is equip with a small kitchen & kitchen toys, chalk board, stuffed animals, blocks, train set, books and magazines for parents (Japanese only). There is a small tv located on the wall above the play area which plays cartoons, and they have a table with colored pencils and coloring sheets for older children.

Oyako Cafe is located on the 2nd floor above the Tokyu Supermarket in the covered Musashi Koyama shopping street which is home to a number of local Japanese shops, childrens` stores and restaurants. Also, located a 2 minute walk from the cafe, outside the shopping street and along the main street is a small playground – Hiratsuka Park Playground. Note there is no elevator access to the cafe. Please call the shop for assistance with your stroller. Also, kindly check their facebook page for closures due to events. Reservations recommended.

Oyako Cafe and Playroom Details:

Address: 3-5-4 Ebara, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. Musashi Koyama Shopping Center Building 2F (荏原3-5-4武蔵小山ショッピングセンタービル2階)
Phone: 03-5788-6671
Business hours: Wednesday – Monday 10: 30 – 20: 30 (Last order 19 : 300. Closed Tuesdays.
Access: 10 minutes from Musashi Koyama station on the Tokyu Meguro Line. 2nd floor of Mr. Tokyu Storea in shopping street.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oyako3bikinokobuta


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Oyako Cafe and Playroom


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  1. This is Musashi Koyama, not Oyama.

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