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Osechi ryori, japanese new Year meal

Osechi, Japanese New Year Food – Order Yours Now! (HealthyTokyo)

Can you believe the New Year is only two months away? If you are living in Japan now is the right time to order your Osechi, Japanese New Year Food.  What is Osechi (Osechi-ryori お節料理)?  Osechi is the food that Japanese families usually eat from January 1-3rd to bring good luck, wealth, happiness and love in the New Year. The food is prepared days before it is consumed to reduce the cooking workload over the holidays. Enjoy the New Year Holidays by ordering your Osechi meal now!
HealthyTokyo has teamed up with SugarLady an all-natural foods company to develop three delicious Osechi meals that are additive free and have no GMOs. There is a limited number of qualities being made so order today, and you will receive your Osechi meal between Dec 23 – 29. Besides the healthy aspects, the convenience is huge. The Osechi will be delivered with each box frozen and sealed seperately so you can thaw and eat at your own pace. You could also order and take the frozen Osechi on the plane to enjoy with friends and family overseas. What a great way to share Japanese culture! Check out the delicious selection of Osechi meals on order at HealthyTokyo.

Osechi, Japanese New Year Food – Order Yours Now! (HealthyTokyo)

Typically Osechi meals are comprised of 7-30 different types of foods, but most popular are Japanese New Year Preparations Best Living Japan, Osechi, Japanese New Year Foodboiled seaweed (昆布 konbu), fish cakes (蒲鉾 kamaboko), mashed sweet potato with chestnut (栗きんとん kurikinton), simmered burdock root (金平牛蒡 kinpira gobō), and sweetened black soybeans (黒豆 kuromame). Each item in the Osechi has a particular meaning. For example the kamaboko typically is shaped to look like the first sunrise and coloured red/pink and white which are auspicious colours, the golden sweet potatoes symbolise treasures and economic fortune in the new year, the burdock root grows deep in the earth which symbolises strength and a good harvest to come, and the black soybeans “mame,” also sounds like the word for hard work and good health. Osechi is typically served with ozōni (お雑煮), a soup with mochi rice cake and other ingredients that differ based on various regions of Japan. You can learn more about Japanese New Year preparations here. 
HealthyTokyo is offering three different sets of Osechi for pre-order.
*** Sets are available November 10th to December 10th. 

The Emperor (¥34,500 (tax incl.)Osechi, Japanese New Year Food –  If you have a family of 3-5, I would recommend this Osechi. It is not only the largest but also the most luxurious with caviar, abalone and all the favorites sprinkled with gold. Three tiers of food with over 46 types of food. Who does not want to start the new year eating gold!


Osechi, Japanese New Year Food

The Shogun (¥28,500 (tax incl.) –  If your family is not a big Osechi eating family, but you like to have a bit for the holidays, I recommend the Shogun.  Although a little less volume than the Emporer version of Osechi you will still enjoy 44 different types of foods. You also get to save the seven adorable wooden boxes that are a great memento of your Japanese New Year.


The Samurai Osechi (¥24,000 tax incl.) – This one layer 2 person Osechi is perfect for the couple New Year’s celebration. Enjoy 23 different types of Osechi in perfect size Osechi for one day!

Osechi, Japanese New Year Food – Order Yours Now! (HealthyTokyo)




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