After the March 11th earthquake, I was concerned with where food was being sourced, especially since most grocery stores were carrying produce and meat from Fukushima. My Japanese friend recommended Oisix, a Natural & Organic online grocer in Japan offering robust radiation testing on food from affected areas.

I especially liked the “baby and kids” section for radiation-free items. You have the option to sign up for a weekly vegetable box (size & content customizable) or you can order a la carte. They deliver all over Japan. The website is entirely in Japanese so have your Japanese friend walk you through the sign-up. Ordering after that is pretty simple.
Oisix also sells produce in some store locations: Futakotamagawa Rise – B1 level, Kichijoji – B1 in the Atre Building, Ebisu Mitsukoshi, Nakameguro Tokyu Store, Meguro Precce Store, Sangenjaya Tokyu Store, etc. Full list here.

Website: http://www.oisix.com (in Japanese)


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