Ninja Dojo and Store, Kyoto

Ninja Dojo and Store, Kyoto – Learn Ninja Techniques and Shop for Gear

If you have an aspiring Ninja in your house, plan a visit to the Ninja Dojo and Store in Kyoto. The Ninja Store is a boutique that offers an extensive selection of Ninja tools from swords to other scary looking accessories. If you are a Ninja Dojo and Store, KyotoNinja fan, you can shop and learn in the same place. We signed-up for the one hour Ninja skills lesson and now can walk silently, defend ourselves with chopsticks and escape into the darkness. We are now ready for anything. Lessons are offered for kids and adults in the centrally located Dojo near Shijo. Note: Reservations are required.  If kids are taking a lesson, one adult must also attend the lesson. Lessons are 1-8 people Ninja Dojo and Store, Kyotodepending on the season (April is peak). If you are in Tokyo and want to learn more about Ninja or Samurai, check out the Ninja Trick House or the Samurai Museum both in Shinjuku. For our three days in Kyoto with kids recommendations check here. 

Ninja Dojo and Store, Kyoto – Learn Ninja Techniques and Ninja Dojo and Store, KyotoShop for Gear

When you first enter the Dojo, you are instructed to choose your Ninja outfit to wear over your clothing. I would recommend wearing layers, so you do not get too hot. After dressing the part, you are taken through various skills about breathing and movement in the tatami room. After the initial calming instruction the excitement begins training wth Ninja arms Ninja Dojo and Store, Kyotoand tools from swords to shuriken.  The lesson was taught by a bilingual instructor who was very good at working with kids. Extremely patient!

Ninja Dojo and Store, Kyoto

There are a few different options for Ninja training.

Entry level 1 hour lesson: basic ninja training
Ninja meditation ‘Kuji-In’, breathing, walking, Demonstration and training for Ninja sword, Sword training, Kunai (Dagger) training, Shuriken (Ninja star) training, Ninja blowgun (blow darts) training. – The price is 8,000 yen per person, 6,500 yen per kid (ages 5-14).

Elementary level 2 hour lesson: include entry level lesson and additional 5 more techniquesNinja Dojo and Store, Kyoto
Ninja meditation ‘Kuji-In’, breathing, Nwalking, Training for Ninja sword, Kunai (Dagger), Kusarigama (Sickle with chain), Rope technique, Kunai with rope, Shuriken (Ninja star), Ninja sword with shuriken, Stick type shuriken and Ninja blowgun (blow darts).
The price is 12,000 yen per person, 10,000 yen per kid(ages 5-14).

Optional fee: The price of a PRIVATE lesson is 48,000 yen for 1 hour, 72,000 yen for 2 hour.

Ninja Dojo and Store, KyotoNinja Dojo and Store Details

Address: 2nd Fl. 528 Hakurakuten-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto (〒600-8422 京都市下京区白楽天町528) 
Business hours: 10:00 – 18:00
Email for bookings: (required)
Access: 3-minute walk from Shijo-Karasuma, Shijo station on the Subway Karasuma line and Karasuma station on the Hankyu Kyoto line. 15-minute by taxi or train from Kyoto station on the JR line.
Ninja Classes:  credit cards accepted; see prices above 6,500 – 12,000 JPY for 1-2 hour classes.


Ninja Dojo and Store, Kyoto Ninja Dojo and Store, Kyoto Ninja Dojo and Store, Kyoto Ninja Dojo and Store, Kyoto

Ninja Dojo and Store, Kyoto


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