Nezu Shrine and University of Tokyo – Free English Guided Tour

Bunkyo City International Exchange Group is offering a free English guided tour of the University of Tokyo; renowned for its academic excellence, and the oldest national university in Japan. Visit “Akamon” (the red gate) constructed in 1827 and enjoy viewing yellow Ginkgo tree leaves at the University of Tokyo campus.

Nezu shrine was built in 1706 by the then Shogun. It is beautiful with a “Gongenzukuri” architectural style. Its seven structures are designated as important cultural properties. After the tour visit the Nezu Museum and Garden, a modern and beautiful building designed by the world famous Japanese architect Kuma Kengo in 2009, and the garden a lovely escape from the busy pace of Tokyo. .

Azalea Festival free English guided tour
“Bunkyo City is proud to host an exciting variety of attractive gardens, temples, shrines, and interesting cultural facilities. What’s more, the city also sponsors a volunteer sightseeing guide service, operated by English-speaking Bunkyo City citizens, all of whom are eager to guide you to the city’s points of interest. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please read the tour information then complete the online application form.” – Bunkyo City International Exchange Section.

“When participating in a tour, please note the following;

  1. Each tour takes about two hours. You will be spending a lot of time walking, so it is important to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Please bring sufficient drinking water with you.
  2. Please refrain from posting personal information or images, such as the names and photographs of the tour guides or other tour participants, on websites or in other media without obtaining prior consent of the persons concerned.
  3. Generally speaking, tours will not be cancelled due to inclement weather. However, they may be cancelled if safety or security concerns warrant. If a cancellation occurs, the tour organizers will try to contact all scheduled participants.” – Bunkyo City Office

English Guided Tour Details:

Date & Time of Event: Dates vary through out the year.
Sign up: check schedule here
Fee: 300 JPY entry fee
Meeting Time and Place: 9:50am at the Akamon (Red gate), University of Tokyo.
For inquiries: 03-5803-1310


Nezu Shrine and University of Tokyo Free English Guided Tour

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