Minami-Azabu Community Center (Azabu, Tokyo)

Minami-Azabu Community CenterResidents are lucky to have the Minami-Azabu Community Center as a free center to play, relax and eat. The beautiful new community center has a public daycare and a cafe on the 1st floor, kids 2nd floor with a full-size gym, music, play, study roomMinami-Azabu Community Centers for parent & babies and younger ones. Amazing space to take the kids on that rainy day when everyone is climbing the walls.

Minami-Azabu Community Center (Azabu, Tokyo)


Most of the rooms can be rented. This includes the kitchen, dance studio, and study rooms which can be rented from 9-noon, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. or 5:30-9:30 p.m.  Room rental fees range between 1,500 -3,800 yen per period if you are a Minato-ku resident. Great for special groups of scouts to language classes. The third floor is for over 60 years old residents and has similar rental and open spaces to the 2nd floor. The roof has a fully enclosed space for futsal, basketball or any other activities. The location is right across from Arisagawa Park in Minami-Azabu,

Minami-Azabu Community Center
Outside view of new building

so you can pop-in after playing in the park. If you want to grab lunch or a coffee nearby check out NEM coffee shop or the cafe and cafeteria in the public library in the Park. Please stop in and register for your free usage card and while you are there trying the cafe on the 1st floor that has curry and Hayashi rice for 4oo yen. Great value and fun for the entire family. The one negative right now is that all print materials on rental and usage are in Japanese language only; however, the office members are very helpful trying to answer questions in English.  Thanks for paying your taxes to fund the Minato-ku Community Center.

My opinion

  • Free for all, you just need to register
  • Location: great, 10-minute walk from Hiroo station (no parking)
  • Cleanliness: pristine
  • Child friendliness: awesome for crawling babies and up
  • Toilets: All clean, baby changing friendly and handicap accessible

Minami-Azabu Community Center Details

Address: 4-6-7 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3444-3656
Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00  –  21:30; Sunday 9:00 – 17:00, Closed Dec 29-Jan 3 for New Years
Website: http://azabu-plaza.jp/en/

Minami-Azabu Community Center
Sign from outside
Minami-Azabu Community Center
Kitchen rental facilities
Minami-Azabu Community Center
Dance studio
Minami-Azabu Community Center
Main communication space

Minami-Azabu Community Center Minami-Azabu Community Center Minami-Azabu Community Center  Minami-Azabu Community Center

Minato-ku Community Center BestLivingJapan.com
Minato-ku Community Center BestLivingJapan.com
1st floor cafe menu
Minato-ku Community Center BestLivingJapan.com
1st floor cafe


Minami-Azabu Community Center


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  1. Thanks Lauren – great information and great post.

  2. Is this open to non-residents of Minato-ku as well? I’m assuming it is not, but it can’t hurt to ask. 🙂

    • Hi Ashley, yes anyone can attend. You will need to register when you arrive on the 2nd floor, but easy process. Have fun!

  3. Wow I saw your beautiful centre when I was in Tokyo in May , it is wonderful.

  4. Can I rent a room for my language lessons too? How many hours I can rent?

    • Hi Jocelyn, YEs, I have know people to rent the rooms for various classes. You can rent for 3 hour sessions. However, you can only rent one month in advance so sometimes you can not always secure the same schedule. Lauren

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