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Nakameguro Park (Nakameguro, Tokyo) – A Popular Family Picnic Park

nakameguro parkNakameguro Park (中目黒公園) is a well-maintained open grass park frequented by locals and families. They have a large variety of plants and flowers that you can learn about at their “Flower and Greenery Learning Center” and a “creature pond” to view fish, frogs and insects. Located within the grounds is a small play area equip with a slide, two swings and a sandpit; a waterplay area open in summer, and a fitness and sports area where they hold games and events. They also have a small court to play basketball, and a reading library. Near the back of the park sits a circular stone walk (“foot health walk”)  where one takesNakameguro Park Walk off their shoes and
Nakameguro Park barefoot walkwalks on the varied textures/uneven surfaces of the stones. Some believe these “reflexology paths” reduces blood pressure, and improves balance and physical performance.
A nice outing would be to walk along the Nakameguro River to view the remaining Cherry Blossoms, picnic at the park then stop in one of our Nakameguro Area recommended restaurants for an early dinner. If you didn`t have time to pack a lunch, Cafe Core, an organic coffee shop and bakery is located in the hospital next door to the park. There is also a 7/11 across the river on Yamate dori (street).

Nakameguro Park Details

Address: 2-3-14 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 東京都目黒区中目黒 2-3-14 (Google Map)
Phone: 03-5722-9741
Access: A 10 min walk from Nakameguro Station on the Hibiya or Toyoko Line
Hours: Fitness and Sports Square 6:00 – 19:00, Flowers and Greens Learning Center 9:00 – 17:00, Closed Mondays and Dec 28th – Jan 4th
Cost: Free


Nakameguro Park wading rock bed Nakameguro Park playground Nakameguro Park flowers Nakameguro Park insectsNakameguro Park


Nakameguro Park, Nakameguro – The Local`s Favorite Family Park

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