Nagashima Spa Land Amusement Park and Resort, Mie: Fun-filled Activities for the Entire Family

Nagashima Spa LandNagashima Spa Land is one of our favorites on our list of TOP Theme Parks in Japan. We spent a fun-filled long weekend at Nagashima Spa Land Resort (ナガシマスパーランドリゾート), a major vacation destination in Kuwana just outside Nagoya. There is so much to do and see the entire family is sure to enjoy it.

Nagashima Spa Land Resort is comprised of five main facilities: the Nagashima Spa Land Amusement Park, the 2nd largest amusement park in Japan behind Fuji-Q Highlands;  Nabana no Sato, a vast flower park and amazing winter illumination attraction; Mitsui Outlet Shopping Park “Jazz Dream Nagashima” with over 200 Japanese and International stores; Joyful Water Park with large water slides and indoor and outdoor pools; and Nagashima Spa Land AnpanmanNagashima Onsen (長島温泉) a popular hot spring complex which offers a wide array of indoor and outdoor baths, six jacuzzis, massage services and restaurants. If you have young Anpanman fans an added bonus is the Anpanman Museum and Park located just outside Nagashima Spa Land entrance gate (Separate entrance charge). Also, a short 15 minute drive to the Legoland Themepark!

Nagashima Spaland Kids Play AreaNagashima Spa Land Amusement Park is filled with over forty rides, ranging from gentle ones suitable for young children to adult rides for thrill seekers. Their popular Steel Dragon 2000 is the second fastest coaster in Japan and the sixth fastest in the world. It still holds the record for the longest coaster at 8133 feet. Thrill seekers are seated for 4-minutes at a mind-numbing speed of 95 mph. Little ones can enjoy a number gentler rides, an enormous covered play area equip with climbing equipment for all ages, and a Pokemon Adventure Camp and Palace (entrance fee 1000 yen).

Nagashima Spa land Located about 15 minutes by bus from Nagashima Spaland is the Nabana no Sato flower park. This park hosts one of the largest flower festivals in Japan and a spectacular winter illumination display with about 8.5 million LED lights from late October to early May. We caught the last days of their winter illumination and saw a huge field transformed into an animated sea of lights, beautifully lit blue and white light tunnels, and the Island Fuji, a moving observation deck which offers views over the entire park.

Nabana no SatoYou have the option to lunch and shop at the Mitsui Outlet Park, a large outlet mall located a few minutes walk next to Nagashima Spaland. Just remember to get a hand stamp for re-entry into Nagashima Spa Land.

Note Joyful Water Park, a summer favorite, opens from July 2 this year. It`s filled with water slides, indoor and outdoor swimming pools (including a Jumbo Saltwater pool) and a wave pool. A great summer get away.

Nagashima Spaland Hotel ViewFor accommodations we stayed at Hotel Hanamizuki (ホテル花水木) a ryokan located next to the grounds of the theme park. Hotel guests are allowed direct access to the amusement park from the 2nd floor as well as a bus pass to Nabana no Sato flower park. Hotel guests are allowed entry to the amusement park 10 min before it opens – the access point located in the children`s ride area. Our room at Hotel Hanamizuki was spacious with a sweeping view of the theme park. We were also given the option of dining in our room or at one of the restaurants (either Japanese or Western cuisine). Meals were delicious and the onsen on the ground floor of the hotel, clean and spacious. Garden Hotel Olive is another alternative also with access to the park.

A fun-filled weekend vacation in Japan the kids and the family enjoyed. Do you have a family vacation in Japan to recommend? Please let us know in the comments below.

Nagashima Spaland Nabana no Sato flowers  Nagashima Spaland Nabana no Sato illumination blue tunnel Nagashima Spaland Nabana no Sato illumination familyNagashima Spa Land Nagashima Spa Land Hotel Hanamizuki dining Nagashima Spa Land Hotel Hanamizuki Japanese dining Nagashima Spa Land Hotel Hanamizuki sashimi

Nagashima Spa Land Resort Details

Nagashima SpalandAddress:  333 Urayasu, Nagashima-cho, Kuwana City, Mie  (〒511-1192 三重県桑名市長島町浦安333番地 ナガシマリゾート)
Phone: 05- 9445-1111 (Japanese Only)(9:00~17:00)
Hours: Low season from 9:30 – 17:00; Peak season from 9:30 – 19:30; Closed Irregular Days in January and June. Please check the official website for details.
Fees: 4100 yen for a passport (unlimited rides), or 1600 yen for admission then pay per ride (300 yen – 100 yen per ride).
Notes: Joyful Waterpark is closed from late September to early July

Nabana no Sato Flower Park and Illuminations Details

Nagashima Spaland Nabana no Sato illumination viewIllumination Dates: 2019 TBD
Hours: 9:00 to 21:00 (until 22:00 on weekends and in winter); Irregular closing days. Please check the official website for details.
Admission: 1600 yen standard; 2100 yen in winter (* you will receive a 1000 yen voucher to use in the park)
Access: 15 minutes by bus from Nagashima Spa Land; 30 minutes by bus and train from central Nagoya

P.S. Visit Club Med in Ishigaki for an island family getaway or spend the weekend in Nikko, Tochigi-ken.


Nagashima Spa Land Resort – An exciting family getaway



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  1. Hello may I know is it advisable to buy a passport for the spa land or amusement park? My daughter is only 4. I don’t know how many rides are suitable for young children. Or is it advisable to buy the tickets for individual rides,as and when wanted ?thank you!

    • Hi Yuyu, there are many rides for children. If your daughter can ride alone I recommend purchasing the passport for your daughter and purchase individual ride tickets for yourself. Please note there are height restrictions for some more exciting rides for kids (mini coasters, flying rides, etc). I believe if your child is under 120cm they must be accompanied by an adult. -Sandra

  2. yup. she is only 105 cm. if that is the case accompanying adult must buy a ticket, I guess.. During winter ( I am going in Dec), how many hours roughly we need to spend there? plus the queuing time. is it possible to spend few hours at Nabana no Sato after the amusement park? will there be any firework show at Spa Land? if they do i would not want to skip that.As for Nabana no Sato, i guess we get to see the lighting show only in winter right? anything to see in the outdoor park? Thanks in advance Sandra!

    • Hi Yuyu, Japanese schools go on holiday break from mid-late December so queues may be a bit long if you`re going during that time. We went last wknd and didn`t queue more than 5 minutes. Time spent depends on you and your daughter. We spent the entire day there the first trip. Last weekend we went opening to early afternoon then spent the rest of the afternoon at the outlet. They also have the Anpanman museum located right outside the entrance gate.
      The illuminations at Nabana no Sato runs till May 6, 2018. Highly recommend!

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