Kabutoyama Nagashi Somen bamboo

Kabutoyama Nagashi Somen, Yamanashi

Eating Nagashi Somen is a summer tradition in Japan, and it’s often seen at festivals or in restaurants.

What is Somen (素麺)?

Somen are very thin, white noodles made from wheat flour usually served cold and accompanied by tsuyu or a dipping sauce made from soysauce and dashi.

What is Nagashi Somen (流しそうめん)?

“Nagashi” comes from the verb “nagasu” (流す) which means “to flow”.

Nagashi-somen (flowing noodles) is somen that you catch using chopsticks as it flows past you on a bamboo water slide.

After you catch them, dip them in the dipping sauce then eat them. It`s a fun way to eat somen in Japan.

We visited Kabutoyama Nagashi Somen (兜山 流しそうめん) in Yamanashi prefecture. They offer two somen eating options; at a circular table with flowing water circling the perimeter of the table or you can take your noodles and dipping sauce down to the bridge where one person can drop noodles down the bamboo slide and kids can catch it. Super fun for the family.

They also offer a variety of sides and drinks to help fill those bellies.

Couple with a trip to the Horiuchi Garden for Cherry, Peach or Grape Picking.


Food MenuPrice
Somen (Noodles) for 1 person600 yen
Tempura600 yen
Karaage (fried chicken)500 yen
Cooked Eggplant300 yen
Sausage300 yen
Fried Garlic Bulb300 yen
2 rice balls (ume|salt)300 yen
Sliced Tomato300 yen
Simmered Deer Meat1000 yen


Drink MenuPrice
Orange Juice200 yen
Cola200 yen
Oolong Tea200 yen
Bottled Beer500 yen
Sake500 yen
Oolong High400 yen
Shochu (Bottle)1800 yen
Non Alcohol Beer300 yen

Kabutoyama Nagashi Somen Yamanashi (兜山 流しそうめん) Details:

Address: 1595-2 Fuhyou, Kamiwashita, Yamanashi (山梨市上岩下風表1595-2)
Phone: 0553-22-9382
Hours: 10:00-16:30 Daily *Closed October – April
Access: By car 1 hour 40 min from Central Tokyo. 15 min by car from the Katsunuma IC Central Expressway / 8 minutes by taxi from Yamanashi Station on the JR Central Line
Website: https://www.yamanashi-kankou.jp/kankou/eat/p_9319.html
















Kabutoyama Nagashi Somen


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