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Nabeshima Shoto Park

Nabeshima Shoto Park, Shibuya

Nabeshima Shoto ParkNabeshima Shoto Park (鍋島松濤公園) and playground is a lovely spot to relax while the little ones play. The park is surrounded by diverse vegetation (the Yoshino cherry tree, Sasanqua, Yabutsubaki, Zelkova, Iroha maple), plenty of seating and holds a small pond and children`s playground. The area is great for a short stroll around the pond, bird watching, and for spotting turtles and Koi. Sakura was just starting to bloom when we visited – a great spot to picnic with small kids.

Here is a YouTube video from February 2015 of local volunteers, and neighborhood elementary and JHS students working together to improve the water quality of the pond by draining it then catching and cleaning the various species; turtles, unagi and Koi. All were returned safely back to the pond.

Note many mosquitos are found in this area when temperatures start rising. Please protect yourself and your loved ones with the best Japanese mosquito repellent and aid.

Nabeshima Shoto Park & Playground has the following equipment:

Nabeshima Shoto Park – Two swings
– Two playground sets (one for toddlers the other for kids aged 3-13 years)
– Two exercise bars
– Three slides (one on the playground set; two on the other)
– Enclosed sandbox with community toys
– Restrooms
– Drink Vending Machine

Nabeshima Shoto Park Playground, Shibuya Details:

Nabeshima Shoto ParkAddress: 2-10-7 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (150-0046 東京都渋谷区立松濤2-10-7)
Phone: 03-3463-1211
Access: 8 minutes from Shinsen Station on the Keiou Inokashira Line or 12 minutes from Shibuya station.

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Nabeshima Shoto ParkNabeshima Shoto Park Nabeshima Shoto Park  Nabeshima Shoto Park Nabeshima Shoto Park



Nabeshima Shoto Park Playground, Shibuya

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