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Must Have Top 10 Japanese Laundry Products.

Tokyo is a clean city on the surface but the everyday pollution and fast pace of life can take a beating on your clothes, so here are our top Japanese laundry products to help you out. As a mom of four and a pet owner I highly recommend these Must Have Top 10 Japanese Laundry Products. There are some really good products in Japan so give these a try. All of these can be purchased on Amazon.co.jp so you can do laundry today! Here are also our Must Have Top 10 Japanese Cleaning Products. 

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Top 10 Japanese Laundry Products


  1. Arau – A great laundry detergent if you have little ones or sensitive skin. Very gentle on the skin but tough on milk and other soils. Here is a two pack which is a good value at about 1,000 JPY (arau. アラウベビー 洗濯用せっけん 詰替用 720ml×2個パック).  Here is the small container you can refill.


2. Bleach – My most favourite go-to product. I have to admit I love bleach – the smell, the impact, everything. キッチンハイター 台所用漂白剤 特大サイズ 2500ml (600JPY). 


3. Attack is the #1 selling laundry detergent in Japan followed by Ariel. I recently tried the Ultra Attack, and it was very good at removing grass and dirt stains.  Both are good everyday brands that are sold in all major supermarkets and drugstores.ウルトラアタックNeo 洗濯洗剤 濃縮液体 詰替用 1300g. Here is a small container you can refill from the bags of detergent. 


4. Ariel is the #2 selling laundry detergent in Japan after Attack. Good value pack here with a bottle and refill bag for about 900 JPY. アリエール 洗濯洗剤 液体 イオンパワージェル サイエンスプラス 本体 1.0kg + 詰替用 超特大サイズ 1.35kg


5. ECover If you are looking for an eco laundry detergent, the #1 domestic seller is Ecover for 1,200-1,400 JPY for 1500 ml  (エコベール ランドリーリキッド(洗濯用液体洗剤) 本体1500ml).  


6. Shout Stain Remover  – Honestly, I have not found a good strong stain remover in Japan made domestically, so I buy Shout online. My go-to for the boy’s clothes stains.  シャウト ステインリムーバー for about 1,500 JPY


7. Laundry Net Bag – Great way to extend the life of your delicate items or co-wash items is by using a laundry net bag. A good option is this two bag set. Laundry Net Large 23.6 x 31.5 inches (60 x 80 cm), 2 Pieces Laundry Net for about 300 JPY. If you are looking for a different size or type, check here on Amazon.co.jp.


8. Drying Rack I love this three layer drying rack for delicate items. You can hang inside or outside. It also has inserts that help hold your items in place in case of wind. 洗濯干しネット 2段 折りたたみ for about 2,000 JPY.


9. Fuzz Remover – A great way to remove little fuzz balls on wool items is this handy battery tool. The  テスコム 毛玉取り器 グレー KD778-H runs about 2,000 JPY.   Also plenty of other fuzz removers here. 


10. Spray Starch –  It you iron shirts, this starch will give you the hold you want. アイロン用キーピング 衣料用のり剤 ハンディスプレー 400ml for about 500 JPY.

Top 10 Japanese Laundry Products

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