Must Have Top 10 Japanese Cleaning Products

Top Japanese Cleaning Products

Shopping in a Japanese supermarket can be overwhelming, but navigating the cleaning aisle can be a dispiriting search dispiriting. Don’t struggle any longer. I have probably tested every cleaning product in Japan, and here is my recommend Must Have Top 10 Japanese Cleaning Products. If you miss your favorite brand, you might be able to find it at Costco or one of the International Supermarkets but expect to pay very high prices since it costs so much to ship the products to Japan. However, there are some excellent products in Japan so give these a try. You can buy all of these products on so don’t wait stock-up today and get cleaning! If you are looking for Mold prevention and killing products check here. Also, all our favorite Japan laundry products are here.

If  you have a recommended cleaning product in Japan please let us know below.

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Top 10 Japanese Cleaning Products



1. Bleach – My most favourite go-to product. Have to admit I love bleach – the smell, the impact, everything. キッチンハイター 台所用漂白剤 特大サイズ 2500ml (Amazon about 680 JPY). 



2. Glass cleaner – ガラスマジックリン ガラス用洗剤 スプレー 本体 400ml (Amazo2. Glass cleaner – ガラスマジックリン ガラス用洗剤 スプレー 本体 400ml (Amazon about 750 JPY). Refill packages are also avail be for about 150 JPY, buy one plastic spray bottle and a couple refills.



3. All purpose spray surface cleaner –  マジックリン 台所用洗剤 液体 ハンディスプレ 400ml (Amazon about 390 JPY). Made for kitchen, but can be used on multi surfaces. Had good grease cutting functionality.



4. Cream scrubbing cleanser ジフ クリームクレンザー 270ml×4個セット (Set of four bottles for 700-800 JPY). This is a great product if you need to scrub a counter tops (Corina, plastics, granite or ceramic). Also very good for putting shine back into stainless sinks. 

5. Mold killer “Kabi Killer” – Great to have on hand especially between the month of April – October when humidity and heat at high and told loves to grow. Very strong odor so use in well vented room. Great in bathrooms, spray on hold and let sit for 10-15 mins and rinse with water. . カビキラー 特大サイズ 本体 ( 1,000 gram fluid, approximately 800 yen). 



6. Toilet cleaner – スクラビングバブル 超強力 トイレクリーナー3 bottle set

(400 x3 grams for about 1,000 JPY). Gel that you can squirt inside of the toilet bowl and leave for a few mins before flushing. 



7. Floor cleaner  – フローリングマジックリン フロア用掃除道具 つや出しスプレー 本体 400ml (about 450-500 JPY)  Spray where you need to clean with a wet cloth or mop. 



8. Carpet and upolstery cleanerI have not had much luck with Japanese carpet cleaners, so am 
recommending Dr. Beckmans. It can also be used on sofa upholstery.Comes with an attached scrub brush. ドクターベックマン シミとり カーペット/布製ソファ カーペットステインリムーバー ペットの汚れ・消臭 650ml (about 1,300 JPY)



9. Pipe and drain cleaner – 小林製薬のかんたん洗浄丸 お徳用20錠 (20 tablets for approximately 400-500 JPY) I don’t know why but my drains in Japan give off a strange smell when the temps get warmer, so I have started using this pipe and drain cleaner about once a month to keep the smell away. Just plop on in your sink, toilet or bath drain with a bit of water and let it sit for about 30-60 mins. Seems to keep everything clean and running smoothly.If your pipe is really clogged try this.


10. Magic Sponge  – 激落ちくん ( メラミンスポンジ ) (Two sponges for approximately 300 JPY) I use theses white sponges everyday to remove tough counter stains, skid marks on the floors and marks on walls. You do not need soap, just water and scrub. They are similar to the US Magic Eraser Sponge. A must have in our house.

Top 10 Japanese Cleaning Products

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  1. Horrific!! Toxins toxins toxins! So easy and sooo economical (and HEALTHY!) to make your own, nasty-chemical-free household cleaning products.

    • Hi Jen Ford, I do enjoy buying essential oils, which is what i believe you are a seller, for the smell and effectiveness. However, not everyone can buy a 4,000 – 6,000 yen bottle of oils and take the time to mix and use. These are the best selling Japanese mass market cleaning products, so there are effective and safe for households if used correctly. Kindest Lauren

    • Jenn

      I’m not sure that you know what a “chemical”is.

  2. For the all purpose spray cleaner “Magic Cleaner” – do you need to dilute the one that does not come in a spray bottle. I picked some up today and was wondering if I just put it in a spray bottle or have to dilute it down before spraying. TIA.

  3. My bathroom is American style – no drain except in the tub and sink. I have mold growing where the wall meets the ceiling. I usually spray on bleach and then just leave it on – no rinsing. Can I spray the Kabi Killer on like bleach, and don’t rinse it off?

  4. Any recommendations for removing limescale, rust, and hard water stains? I need something non-abrasive for acrylic surfaces and glass.

  5. Micaela Vincent

    I am looking for Kantan MyPetto. That is the best product to clean any surface. Please let me know where and how I can buy them .

    • Hi Micaela, Mypet is pretty good, but not in the top 10 in our moms’ opinions. But you can buy on Amazon.

      • Micaela Vincent

        Amazon Japan? With regard to My Pet, I left Japan fourteen years ago. I was using one called Kantan My Pet which was safe and did not need a second wiping. I swear by it. Thank you for letting me know about Amazon Japan.


  6. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone have any suggestions of what Japanese product I can use safely on marble bench tops?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Thanks heaps!

  7. Hello Lauren,

    By any chance you know any cleaner for the pan/wok bottom? I tried the soda powder and sand paper but did not work out ????

    Any suggestion will help, thanks a lot!


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