Japan Mosquito Repellent and Aid – Mosquitos Are Here!

Saw my first mosquito today, so time to stock up on Japan mosquito repellent and aid products!! All this rain and warmer weather are going to equal a heavy mosquito season in Japan. Usually, in Japan mosquitos start to hatch and bite starting in April and are active through the fall. Here is some handy information on Japan mosquito repellent and aid. Prevention is the best, so I have listed up the products that I stock-up on each spring and keep handy through the mosquito season!

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Japan Mosquito Repellent and Aid

Here is also some handy Japanese to know in mosquito season

蚊                                          か                            ka                              mosquito
虫                                         むし                         mushi                       insect
虫よけ or 虫除け               むしよけ                mushi yoke              insect repellent
蚊に刺され                         かにさされ            ka ni sasare             mosquito bite
かゆみ                                 かゆみ                     kayumi                     itch
腫れ                                      はれ                        hare                          swelling
殺虫剤                                 さっちゅうざい     sacchuuzai              insect killer/insecticide
蚊取り                                  かとり                     katori                       mosquitoes removal
室内用                                  しつないよう         shitsunaiyou           indoor use

Here are the best repellent products to prevent mosquito bites (all available on Amazon Japan)

Skin Vape Mist Japan Mosquito Repellent and Aid(200 ML, typically about 800 yen) is a good everyday spray to keep mosquitos, flies, and fleas away. We keep a bottle right in our entryway to spray on before going outside. Smells pretty good too.  If you love the smell of baby soap, Skin Vape has a new smelling version which is lovely.

Perfect Potion Outdoor Body Spray (125 ML, typically 1,500 yen) is an organic bug deterrent and Japan Mosquito Repellent and Aid smells great. This product is one of the most popular with organic loving parents.  There is also a Buzz Off! candle from the same brand (about 2,200 yen).


Mosquito Repellent and Aid in JapanDokodemo Vape  (about 800 yen) is a portable vapor dispenser that you can move to any room or take outside for picnics. It lasts for a few months from my experience. Good to leave around windows and doorways to scare mosquitos away. Some parents prefer not to use it with children.


Mosquito Repellent and Aid in Japan Baby Bug Away Stickers (about 800 yen for 60 seals) are great if you have a baby or young children and do not want to use a skin spray. Just apply to the back of the child’s shirt or pants and let them play away. Cute designs and no smell. Made from herbs.


Mosquito Repellent and Aid in JapanMosquito Coils (30 coils for about 800 yen) are the old and trusted bug protection and honestly my favorite. If you are outside on the patio or garden light a few of these and mosquitos dare not come near! You can buy a holder or hang it on a homemade hanger or wire holder. Be careful if using around children since these can burn and smell may bother some people. Economically, and many people love the smell! We love this piggy coil holder. 


Hanging Mosquito Vapes
(about 1,000 yen) are great if you need mosquito repellent around a window or hook on a stroller. These hanging vapes will last you through the spring and summer and are very versatile.Hanging Mosquito Vapes

Electric Mosquito Repellent Machine (called NoMat in Japanese, 60 day use is about 1,000 JPY for the machine and one liquid filler). Replacements can be purchased for refills. We have one of these machines in the living room and each bedroom that runs from April to the end of September. Noiseless, odorless, and economical. Some people prefer not to use it around babies. Good investment if you want to prevent and forget. Refills are easy to buy as well.



Here are some great mosquito aid products if you get bit

Muhi Baby Itch Medicine (15 grams for about 800 yen) is a great topical cream to carry in your purse or diaper bag for babies and toddlers. It does not sting and is baby-friendly. Not super strong, but will alleviate mosquito bite itch and decrease the swelling.


Unacowa Cool Lotion  (60 ml for 600 -1,000 yen) is the bite medicine of choice for adults and teens. This stuff has a sting but takes the bite right out. Buy a couple of bottles to keep in backpacks and at home. There is also a mini-size for purses.



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Japan Mosquito Repellent and Aid

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