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Miraikan, Odaiba – Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Miraikan; Museum of Emerging Science and InnovationIf you, or your child, love science than the Miraikan in Odaiba is a great place to spend a half day. The official name is The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Great interactive exhibits about the universe, solar system, robotics and the human body today and future. The Ideal age for the permanent exhibit is age 6 and up (my two-year-old would have been very bored). The special exhibits are for ages from 3 and up, but age 6 and up would be better.

The Miraikan website states that Miraikan is a place where we can understand the things happening in our world today from a scientific point of view and have discussions while considering the future that awaits us. We believe that science and technology are part of our culture. We provide an open forum for all to ponder and discuss the future roles of science and technology.Miraikan; Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

The organisers have done a wonderful job explaining in Japanese and English various aspects of science and technology. Our favourite exhibits were the ocean submarine, new human cell exhibit, future city and human body operation exhibit. Robots and androids were also “pretty cool” according to my 11-year-old.

Miraikan; Museum of Emerging Science and InnovationThe special exhibit we attended was fun.  “Dance! Art Exhibition! and Learn and Play! teamLab Future Park”. This hands-on, active exhibit runs until MayMiraikan; Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation 10 (Sun.), 2015. There were three theme areas (ocean, town and character) were you and your child draw a picture that is then scanned into a computer program and animated on the large screen. Very fun for your child to see their artwork on the big screens. My favourite were the beautiful computer generated artwork that unfold as you watch.

Miraikan; Museum of Emerging Science and InnovationThe next special exhibition scheduled from July 8 (Wed) – October 12 (Mon), 2015 is  “Pokémon Lab: You do it! You discover!”  This special exhibition presents entertaining experiences to learn about scientific methods and processes such as observation and classification, with Pokémon as the subjects.

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Miraikan; Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Details 

Address: 2-3-6 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo (near Odaiba)
Phone: 03-3570-9188
Hours:  Wednesday – Monday 10:00 – 17:00, Closed on Tuesday
Cost: Permanent exhibit is adult 620 yen, under 18 years 210 yen; Special exhibit and permanent visit ticket adult 1,800 yen, 3-18  years 1,200 yen, 2 and under free
Access:  5 min walk from the Fune-no Kagakukan station on the Yurikamome Line; 15 min walk from the Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line
Website: http://www.miraikan.jst.go.jp/en/
Notes: The facility is stroller and wheelchair friendly. Park is located under the museum. There is a cafe in the museum.


Miraikan: Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

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