Maruichi Bagel, Shirogane - Best Bagels in Tokyo!

Maruichi Bagel (Shirogane, Tokyo) – Best Bagels in Tokyo!

The best bagels in Tokyo are piping hot at Maruichi Bagel in Shirogane, Minato-ku. Maruichi Bagel, the best bagels in Tokyo, is located near Shirogane-Takanawa station. Hiroo and Azabu residents are so lucky to have such a great bagel shop in their backyards. The bagel shop is a tiny hole in the wall but it is bursting with flavor and personality. There is the 3rd floor sitting if you can make it up the circular staircase with kids. Maruichi Bagel, Shirogane - Our favorite bagel stop in Tokyo!

Maruichi Bagel, Shirogane  – Our favorite bagel shop in Tokyo!

The owner has been making bagels for over 10 years and has mastered the art of the true NYC bagel. My favorite is toMaruichi Bagel, Shirogane, Best Living Japan go early around 7:00-8:00 and grab a piping hot bagel with baby and dog and play at the park right down the street.  There are 10 flavors: Plain, Sesame, Poppy, Onion, Everything, 7GrainHoney, Cinnamon Raison, Blueberry, 7GrainHoneyFig, and RockSalt. Of course, you can get your bagel toasted or not, little or heavy cream cheese and with lox! Bagels run from 210 – 260 JPY with no spreads. All bagels are made on the premises, and Maruichi only uses the best ingredients of Japanese flour, salt, natural yeast, malt, water, but adds no sugar.  Love this place, and hope you do as well.

Maruichi Bagel, Shirogane Store Information

Address: 1-15-22 Shirogane, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 7:00 -18:00 (or until sold out); closed Monday and Tuesday
Kid-friendly: yes, easy with strollers, also there is a park right around the corner so grab a bagel and play
Toilet: No


Maruichi Bagel, Shirogane – Best Bagels in Tokyo!


Maruichi Bagel Tokyo, Best Bagels in Tokyo
Store map

Maruichi Bagel Store FrontMaruichi Bagel Tokyo, Best Bagels in Tokyo

Bagels!Maruichi Bagel Tokyo, Best Bagels in Tokyo

Maruichi Bagel
This is regular cream cheese amount. You can also ask for less.

Maruichi Bagel, Best Bagel in TokyoMaruichi Bagel Tokyo, Best Bagels in Tokyo

Maruichi Bagel Tokyo, Best Bagels in Tokyo


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  1. Don’t blink if you’re walking by, you might miss it as there’s no sign. Look for the spiral metal staircase outside on the right side. There’s a lovely bakery right across the street, too. Maruichi also has daily soups. I love their store meishi – a card sized pack of salt

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