Make A Tokyo Summer Oasis

Make A Tokyo Summer Oasis – 10 Summer Water Play Items

It is hot outside and getting hotter – time to make a Tokyo summer oasis on your patio or balcony. No matter how small your space, you can create a fun and refreshing area for your family. Here are our recommended ten summer water play items.  All are for sale at local stores or on We have highlighted Amazon products below which can be delivered within 24 hours. We also have detailed recommendations on Japanese mosquito repellent, sunscreen and out and about cooling items for babies.

Make A Tokyo Summer Oasis – 10 Summer Water Play Items

#1。All Play Pools –  There are many different types of plastic play pools which cost typically between 1,000 – 6,000 JPY.  Whichever you purchase make sure to empty and clean after each use. Tons of bacteria will grow in under 24 hours. Not healthy for little ones. Also if you buy a large inflatable, you will probably want to purchase a pump.

No Air Simple and Easy Pool  – This has been our go to pool for the past ten years.

The 1,000 yen price and no pumping necessary sold me. Not as fancy as many others but it works for us

Fancy Play Pool – This pool has all the bells and whistles with a slide and inflatable creatures.


#2. Pool and Water Diapers Boys water diapers 12 for under 1100 JPY. Boys  & Girls

Also don’t forget sunscreen and rash guards.

#3. Water Sprinkler Sprayer – This Dino sprinkler is easy to set up and will cool down any child or parent. Great price at less than 1,500 JPY.


*****Make A Tokyo Summer Oasis – 10 Summer Water Play Items

#4. Mesh Bag – Great to store and carry water and sand toys. The mesh allows water and sand to slip through and to prevent mold and debris from building up. A must have for all outdoor-loving families. For under 500 JPY this one is a deal.




You don’t need to buy a bunch of new toys for your summer oasis. Plastic containers from your kitchen and bath toys are very versatile in the pool. However, here are some stable items we love for the summer months. For more selection check here.

#5. Bucket Set – This simple, economical bucket set is a great value for under 400 JPY. For water play, you do not need molds and lots of shovels. This little set does include a mini water wheel and watering can. Augment with plastic containers from your kitchen.  Other bucket sets. 

#6.   Watering Can – All four of my kids loved playing in the pool with watering cans. Filling up buckets and cups for hours. A great purchase that can be transferred to the bathtub play at any time of the year. Love this stylish little one for under 500 JPY Here are many more. 

#7. Plastic Alphabet and Number Set – Have fun with number and letter play while in your summer water oasis. These letters and numbers are great for sticking to the side of pools, outside walls or tile patios when wet. Each set has 36 pieces for the alphabet and 0-10. I recommend buying two sets if you are working on words.



*****Make A Tokyo Summer Oasis – 10 Summer Water Play Items

#8. Colored Balls – A super fun addition to any play pool. Here is a set of 100 colored balls for under 2,000 JPY.


#9. Water Guns and Soakers – Summer fun at home or in the park is not complete with out a water fight. We are in love with this water soaker and water supply backpack.




#10 Other Water Play Toys we Love! 

50 Rubber Duckies – Who does not want 50 mini rubber duckies in their pool? Great way to practice counting during the summer months. Here is a set of 50 for under 1,300 JPY.


Aqua Play Water Toy – If you have a 1-3-year-old, this is a great investment for the warmer months. It is a little pricey at about 10,000 JPY,  but we got years of enjoyment our of ours.


Make A Tokyo Summer Oasis – 10 Summer Water Play Items


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