Maison Landemaine (Roppongi, Tokyo)

Maison Landemaine Tokyo, RoppongiMaison Landemaine Tokyo in Azabudai (closest train station Roppongi Itchome) is one of the best French bakeries in Tokyo. Not only is the bread amazing and coffee strong, but it opens at 7:00a.m. so great for jet-lagged travelers and families. This is the first Japanese branch of the famous Maison Landemaine that have eight stores in Paris.

Maison Landemaine – One of the Best French Bakeries in Tokyo – Tokyo Open Early Bakeries and Coffee

Grab some bread and some coffee and head to Mamiana Park (狸穴公園 ) is located just behind the Tokyo American Club and Maison Landermaine for a early a.m. playdate.
Maison Landemaine Tokyo, Roppongi

I took home one chocolate croissant, one regular croissant and their France croissant. The family agreed that all three were great and that we must visit again. The outside of each croissant was amazingly crisp and the insides so soft and fluffy. The chocolate croissant had silly smooth and soft chocolate! Highly recommend you visit for Maison Landemaine Tokyo, Roppongibreakfast or an afternoon coffee break. They also had a beautiful display of little cakes for sale.

The Maison Landermaine Tokyo has seating inside that is adorably decorated in light grays and yellow with French accent lights, prints, and mirrors. If my hungry tribe were not waiting at home, I would have loved to hang out for a few hours with a book and a latte (680 yen). They also have very nice outside seating where quite a few people were enjoying their breakfast with their dogs. Another great positive is that they are open at 7:00!

Maison Landemaine Tokyo Details (メゾン ランドゥメンヌ トーキョー)Maison Landemaine Tokyo, Roppongi

Address: 3-1-5 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5797-7387
Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 -20:30; Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 9:00~19:30
Access: 10 min walk from Roppongi Itchome station on the Oedo line.
Notes: Stroller and wheelchair friendly, pets allowed


Maison Landemaine Tokyo, Roppongi Maison Landemaine Tokyo, Roppongi Maison Landemaine Tokyo, Roppongi Maison Landemaine Tokyo, Roppongi


Maison Landemaine Tokyo



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