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Magnolia Cupcakes, Omotesando

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If you are like me, you actually need cupcakes, not want, to survive. Well, the cupcake craze has hit Tokyo. One of my goals is to bike to all the cupcake stores I hear about and sample their goods. Figure the biking will help burn off the damage. My first cupcake chase was to Magnolia Bakery, which opened in Omotesando early in 2014.

Magnolia Cupcakes BestLivingJapan
The goods

Magnolia Cupcakes

I heard when it first opened that you had to wait an hour or so, but there was only one customer when I went at 14:00 on a weekday (picture below go the store). If you go, do not be turned away from the long line on the street level, it is not for Magnolia’s but for the pancake store next door which has a 1-2 hour wait. Magnolia’s, as many know, is known to be the “first” official cupcake store which started the cupcake craze in NYC. There are even cupcake cookbooks from Magnolia’s available if you can’t/won’t pay the 450-500 yen per

Magnolia Cupcakes BestLivingJapan
Special order cupcakes

cupcake. During my visit, I purchased four cupcakes; coconut, double chocolate, basic vanilla and German chocolate. After dinner, we cut them into 6ths, and everyone voted. The coconut was definitely the winner with its light meringue topping. Yum. The basic vanilla and chocolate were delicious. However, the German chocolate was a disappointment. The cupcake’s topping was too thick for the delicate cake, so it was hard to eat without the cake falling apart into crumbs.

Magnolia’s has a great looking shop, although the basement location hides the true cuteness. The presentation on the shelves is well done. My only recommendation is that they produce a 4 and 6 cupcake box so not to over package. Would I go there again? I would say 50-50. At the price of 500 yen per cupcake I think it may be easier to make the cupcakes, but if I want to get a gift, I would consider.

Here are the cookbooks if you want to purchase.

Just in my opinion

Magnolia Cupcakes BestLivingJapan
Ok, that is enough calories
  • Taste: Very good
  • Price: 450 and up
  • Service: Very good
  • Interior: Cute store, lots of waiting space, only a few standing tables.
  • Toilet: None in facility but available in main shopping building
  • Child friendliness: Yes, plenty of room for stroller, also has escalator or elevator to basement level

Magnolia Cupcakes Details

Magnolia Cupcakes BestLivingJapan

Address: 5-10-1 GYRE B1F, Jingumae Shibuya-ku
Phone: 03-6450-5800
Hours: Monday – Friday 11:00 – 20:00; Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 20:00
Website: http://www.magnoliabakery.com/

Magnolia Cupcakes BestLivingJapan
Omotesando Store
Magnolia Cupcakes BestLivingJapan
Cakes available to!
Magnolia Cupcakes BestLivingJapan











Magnolia Cupcakes


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