MACCHI-ART (Ginza, Tokyo) – Latte with Your Very Own Picture On It

macchi artAlong with all the foodie trends out there today a personalized latte with your face on it is possible at the Nissan Crossing in Ginza. Once you venture into the car store, surrounded by the highest technology out there with cars, go up to the second floor and there you can find the Nissan café. The café has it down, you have the option to choose iced or hot; a regular latte, matcha latte or for kids especially a hot chocolate for just 500 yen. They also offer 3 flavors of Cold Press Sodas (cold pressed juice with sparkling soda) for 700 yen.

macchi art Once you choose the drink, with an ipad the barista asks to take your photo, which you can do either with a friend or by yourself. It is a cool process to watch. The ipad is connected to a ‘ripple maker’ machine, similar to one of a 3D printer, uses little drips of coffee to create the image onto the latte. This machine is available in just select stores worldwide, due to the price and the new technology.

In less than two minutes, you have your personalized latte ready to drink. The café has an awesome view of Ginza crossing, which allows for great people watching from above. But be careful you may find yourself sitting there for a few hours watching everyone’s reaction to when their latte comes out. The café is a must and easy to get to, being just a couple of steps away from Ginza subway exit.

Hot: 400 JPY, Iced: 500 JPY (incl. tax)

Nissan Cafe Full Menu

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MACCHI-ART Ginza Details:

Address: 5-8-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Phone: +81-3-3573-0623
Hours: Daily from 10:00- 20:00


Mary Wade Ballou

A recent graduate of the University of Mississippi, who majored in Integrated Marketing Communications is living here in Tokyo helping out family friends until the deciding on career choice. She is always looking for the next adventure and opportunity to explore Tokyo.



Macchi Art – Latte with Your Very Own Picture On It

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