LUSH Party Tokyo (Shinjuku) – Make fresh bath bars with friends

Had a fantastic time at LUSH Shinjuku’s “Lush Party” where kids, and adults, can experience making fresh handmade bath bars or experience skin care for your skin with the LUSH staff who can instruct you on how the high-quality and natural ingredients work.  If you are looking for other places for birthday parties, check our recommendations here. 

We reserved the Fun & Games Party which took place on the 3rd floor of the LUSH Shinjuku Flagship store. The party began with introductions and music play with LUSH shower jellies, bath gels that looks like Jello. The (cruelty-free) jellies are made out of a carrageenan seaweed extract, and are packed with natural and hydrating ingredients like fresh fruits and essential oils.

Kids then mixed ingredients to create their own bubble bar (glycerin, baking soda mix, cream of tartar, scented oil). They then played a “match the scent” game where the staff hand a handkerchief covered bath bar to each participant. They gave it a good sniff then went to the bath bar wall to find the bath bar with the same scent. They were also given a demo on how bath bars work then had to guess which of 9 bath bars turned blue when in water. NOTE: Download the LUSH Labs app to discover ingredient information, benefits and use on products (Lush Labs App: iPhone or Android). At the end you can take home a bubble bar (select they type at reservation), the soap/bubble bar you molded, and your personally made bubble bath mold. PARTY GIFT for the bday girl are 2 Party bubble bars shaped like balloons and a LUSH handkerchief (only offered at the Shinjuku store).

Best Living Japan Kids Birthday Parties – Minami Azabu, Tokyo

Fun & Games Party

Number of guests: 4-10 people
Language: Currently Japanese Only
Cost and duration: 4,000 yen per person (tax included) / 60 minutes
* Reservations for the “Treat Yourself” party will not be accepted until December 25 due to the Christmas season.
Reservation Website:

Age restriction
– Lush Parties can be used by anyone regardless of age, but children under the age of 8 should join the party with their parents or parents.
– Participants are required to sign a consent form. Participants under 16 years of age need to bring one consent form signed by the custodian on the day of the party.

LUSH Shinjuku Store
Address: 3-26-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo FF Building
Phone: 03-3356-1477 (Business hours 11:00 – 22:00 Daily)



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