Loving this Japan Product – Nurie

Loving this Japan Product - NurieI picked-up the TokyoTokio version of the Nurie colouring poster recently. Loving this product – Nurie!  I have decided to award this Nurie poster series a BestLivingJapan Great Product Award. This award will go to products that are both are both curious and creative!

Another super fun Japanese kids gift is Squishes.

If your children, or you, love to colour and have some spare time than Nurie is the product for you. My 10 and 14 yr olds had a great time, with me, colouring away. There are three versions of this great poster –TOKYO TOKIO, SEKAI CHEEZE (world map) and FUJI SUNSUN (Mt, Fuji area). All three versions are available on Amazon.co.jp, and some other websites (see list below). Each poster comes in a sturdy box and measures  W 119 cm x H 84 cm. Depending where you buy the price is between 1,200 – 2,500 yen. This package does not include crayons or markers, so order separately. This would be great for your family, or the perfect economical but big impact birthday or holiday gift. Once you complete, frame and keep as a memory of your time in Japan!

Loving this Japan Product – Nurie

Sekai Cheeze
Fuji SunSun











Other Retailers who sell the Nurie Series

aida  http://www.aida-inc.com/
 arne(アーネ)  http://www.arne.jp
 OEUF(ウフ)  http://www.oe-uf.com
 S.H.S.(エスエイチエス)  http://www.shs-web.com
 katakana(カタカナ)  http://katakana-net.com
 カヤ  http://www.cayhane.jp/shop/c/c08/
 クロスタウンドック  http://www.crosstown.jp
 KONCENT(コンセント)  http://www.koncent.jp
 J・POSH(ジェイポッシュ)  http://www.jposh.jp
 スロウnn  http://www.geocities.jp/surouweb/surou1
 代官山蔦屋書店  http://tsite.jp/daikanyama/store-service/tsutaya.html
 ダイタデシカ  www.daitadeshika.com
 日本百貨店  http://nippon-dept.jp
 HOTCH POTCH  http://www.hpjiyuugaoka.jp
 MoMA DESIGN STORE  http://www.momastore.jp
 ウチカ 新潟駅南  http://www.utika.co.jp
 ディアジューノ  http://www.tanba.or.jp/blog/?p=2466
 東武宇都宮百貨店  http://www.tobu-u-dept.jp
 文房堂  http://www.bumpodo.co.jp
 前橋大気堂  http://www.m-taikido.co.jp
 リブロ 東戸塚  Libro
 ロフト 池袋  http://www.loft.co.jp/shoplist/ikebukuro


Loving this Japan Product – Nurie


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