Little Things Moms Love about Japan

Little Things Moms Love about Japan

Let us celebrate the Little Things Moms Love about Japan. Being a mom in Japan can be a considerable challenge, especially if you don’t speak the language. However, there are also so many little things that make our lives a bit easier and fun each day—cheers to being a mom in Japan. Please add to our list below!

Enjoy your time in Japan, because many say leaving is so much harder than arriving. Here are the Top 39 Things You Will Miss About Japan – What We Love in Japan!

For folks who are leaving Japan, we hope these tips will help your transition.



Little Things Moms Love about Japan

1. Maternity leave – legally 12 months in Japan

Little Things Moms Love about Japan2.  Pregnancy tag for purses and bags – signifies to others nonverbally on trains to let you have the seat (work still in progress on people to give up seats, but good initiative)

3. Post birth hospital stay– 7 days stay in hospital with amazing food and service

Little Things Moms Love about Japan4.  Baby and kids boshitecho  – health and immunization diary provided by the government, helps organize and track everything for 12- 15 years

Little Things Moms Love about Japan

5. Kids’ holidaysgirls day, boys day, 7-5-3, Setsubun, Tanabata





6. Ladies day half price movies – just because mom needs a break

Little Things Moms Love about Japan

7. Kids’ meals at Japanese family restaurants for a few hundred yen

8.  Electric bikes (Mamacharis) – no need for cars in Tokyo!

9. Kids walking alone – independence from six

10. Convenience stores – located everywhere and open 24/7 – rice balls, bandaids and more.

Little Things Moms Love about Japan11. Baby chair in toilet stalls – no holding baby while on the public loo, and usually the bathrooms are so clean!!

12. Department store nursing rooms with hot water machineHonshiba Koen Park, Tokyo Water and Splash ParksLittle Things Moms Love about Japan

13. Child only bathrooms – so cute and practical

14. Lost Child – don’t panic, Japan is super safe

15. Hoikuen (Japanese Public Daycare) – amazing value for working parents

16. Convenience stores everywhere to buy fruit, yogurt and rice balls!

17. Tokyo indoor play centers and Playground Parks for Kids

18. Free water play areas  for kids in the summer.

What Moms Love about Japan

and Just a few pet peeves!

1. No garbage cans in public places – seem to haul garbage all over town when out and about
2. No hand towels or dryers in many public bathrooms – don’t forget to take your towel
3. Stairs at stations – nightmare hauling strollers or carrying sleeping ones


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