LEGOLAND Resort California – Top 10 Tips to Enjoy Your Time at LEGOLAND

Legoland chubaccaOne of our favorite theme parks we visited so far is the LEGOLAND Resort California in San Diego. Even non-lego fans will enjoy it. The entire park is themed around colourful lego bricks of all shapes and sizes, is beautifully landscaped with LEGO sculptures and greenery, houses a Water Park and Sea Life Aquarium, offers rides, live shows and so much more.

Planning a visit to LEGOLAND California Resort? Here are our Top 10 LEGOLAND Resort California tips to make the most your time:

Top 10 Tips to Enjoy Your Time at LEGOLAND Resort California:

Legoland army1. Don`t pay full price. LEGOLAND has special offers for those who purchase tickets in advance online than at the door.

A U.S. Costco membership offers 3-day hopper tickets which include access to the Resort, Sea Life Aquarium and Waterpark for $89.99 excluding tax. A 2-day resort hopper ticket at the gate is $133.

2. Plan your stay. LEGOLAND California Resort houses the LEGOLAND Hotel with lego themed rooms, buckets of lego to play with, a heated pool and more! *Guests are granted early admission into the park.

Legoland private entranceOther options are the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa or the MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort. Both are located less than a 5-min walk to LEGOLAND and offer a private entrance into the LEGOLAND Resort. However, entry is at 10:00 every day the resort is open. Legoland opens at 9:00 some days. Please check the Legoland Calendar for operating hours.

3. Get in early. The park officially opens at 10:00 but the front gate opens at 9:00 and some rides open at 9:30. Check the LEGOLAND Calendar as times are subject to change.

Legoland Resort family photo4. Check the minimum height restrictions for your little ones. LEGOLAND California is geared towards kids aged 2-12 (Your littlest ones must be at least 34 – 42 inches to ride). Take a look at their height restrictions when planning your day.

4. Be prepared. Pack an extra set of clothes, sunscreen, hats, water and snacks for your little ones. Coolers and other outside food/beverage is not allowed in the park.

5. Line up for the Sky Cruiser first – it`s the park`s most popular ride. They`re pedal-powered cars on elevated tracks that gives you overhead views of Fun Town.

Legoland Resort helicopter6. Skip long lines by starting in the back of the Park. Reserve `N` Ride devices are offered for additional fees for those who dislike long wait time. If you find you have to wait don`t worry about your little ones, Lego brick play areas are located in lines with long wait times.

7. Try the LEGOLAND Specialty Apple Fries. They`re french-fry sliced apples, deep fried and tossed in cinnamon sugar. They can be found at Granny’s Apple Fries in Castle Hill next to a castle-themed playground.

Legoland kids` kits8. Kid`s Kits lunches are free for kids after 17:00. Kids kits come with a choice from 3 main entrees, chips, raisins, juice and the lego bad that it comes in.

9. Bring a Lego minifigure to trade. Find a LEGOLAND employee wearing a Minifigure on their brick badge (LEGO name tag) and ask them to trade!

10. Leave your LEGOLAND store purchase with the store and pick it up in The Marketplace at the end of the day.

Legoland NYCLegoland California Resort Details

Address: One LEGOLAND Drive Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: (760) 918-5346


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LEGOLAND Resort California


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