Last Minute Gifts for Frequent Travelers – Great Holiday Gifts for Million Mile Travelers

The house is quiet this week as I busily order last-minute gifts for frequent travelers. My boys are coming back to Japan this week for the holidays, and hubby is off again for end-of-year meetings. I am sharing my ideas for great holiday gifts for million-mile travelers. All of the products below are on so they will be delivered quickly before you jet off! Happy Holidays.

Last Minute Gifts for Frequent Travelers – Great Holiday Gifts for Million Mile Travelers




This Proteca  carry on suitcase is just the cutest and most convent of Japanese design. If you travel a lot or have a loved one that does, this is a great gift. I love the design. The external pocket allows you to store your computer and electronics safely and makes it simple to take items out with our opening the entire bag. Proteca is one of the best luggage designers in Japan! Available in five colors for 55,000 yen on Amazon Japan.



These Bluetooth earphones have great functionality and price. They work with both iPhone and Android devices. Once you move to Bluetooth earphones, you will never go back to corded headset. The new iPods are great, but pricey. These are a good value which you won’t be too bummed if you lose them traveling. Approximately 4,000 yen.


If you are using Bluetooth earphones or headphones, you should invest in a Bluetooth transmitter for traveling on the plane and also using electronics that do not have Bluetooth functionality built-in. Plug this transmitter into the plane earphone jack, and it will transmit the sound to your Bluetooth earbuds or headphones.  They run 3,000 -5,ooo yen.


 Anker PowerCore Fusion – I love this power core unit. It has two USBs, and works with iPhone, iPad and Android cords. No reason to carry around multiple power cores. Simplify your charging.  ¥2,890

If the whole family is traveling, this multi-plug and USB is a savor. No more arguing who gets to change first. Runs about 2,900 yen .




The Anti-Skimming Passport Case – Nothing is worse than having your ID or private data stolen. Protect your important cards and IDs with this Japan designed passport case. Available in six colores; about 2,000 yen. 







Traveling can be hard, so having a mini speaker to crank some tunes in the hotel room can be a huge pick me up! This Bluetooth mini speaker is tiny but powerful. Fills the entire room with sound and can be used in the shower (water resistant for 30 mins in up to 1 meter of water). A must-have for any traveler, young or old. Only 2,000 yen.







Although not too sexy, these plastic envelopes are perfect for storing currency from travels. We have one for each country we frequently travel  to – Korea, China, Canada and Thailand. Come back from a trip and just file the money. Heading out again, just grab the correct file. They are less than 400 yen each and come in a variety of colors. Make your life easier and write the name of each country on the outside with a black marker. Buy a whole set and make it a handy gift.






 Have you ever arrived exhausted, and your hotel or airbnb smells awful? Or the heat is so high that the room is super dry? This portable humidifier and aromatherapy unit is great. Plug it into your phone or a USB charge and let it fill your room with new life. Less than 2,0oo yen!





We love this scratch-off world map, which both parents and kids will enjoy tracking their travels. Each to scratch off with a coin. Measures 42 X 30 cms. Only 1,300 yen.


Don’t tell my husband, but he is getting this Apple World Adaptor Kit.
Since he has completely converted to apple makes it simple. Love the design and simplicity. 2,980 yen.

Last Minute Gifts for Frequent Travelers – Great Holiday Gifts for Million Mile Travelers


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