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Komazawa Olympic Park, Setagaya – A Great Sports Park

Komazawa Olympic Park Jabu Jabu IkeKomazawa Olympic Park (駒沢オリンピック公園) is a sports facility that was constructed for the 1964 Summer Olympics. It`s an amazing park for families. The park includes three different animal-themed playgrounds for young children (squirrel, pig and horse), a summer splash pond, jogging and cycling course, a dog run area, skateboard park, gymnasium, cafeteria and many more facilities. It also serves as a venue for flea markets, fairs and various events. Perfect for all ages.

Komazawa Olympic Park pig parkEach park has unique features. My kids love them all.  Horse Park (うま公園) has a large area to run around, picnic tables, a small slide, swings, sand pit and low, colourful walls for kids to climb and balance on. If entering the plaza from Komazawa Street head left. It is located past the cycling center – an area where families and kids can rent bikes to ride.

Pig Park (ぶた公園) is located behind the plaza. It has two swings sets, one catered to infants and the other for small kids, a sand pit, a large concrete pig to walk into and slide out of, a small balancing area and plenty of shade and seating.

Komazawa Olympic Park sandpitSquirrel Park (りす公園 ) is located near Komazawa street behind and to the right of the plaza. It has two concrete slides with a sand pit at the bottom of both – one for babies the other for older kids, two swing sets, a spinning metal cage to climb and ride on, hanging bars, and a small maze and tunnel that kids love to run through. Across from Squirrel Park is a fenced dog run area; one for medium to large sized dogs and another for small dogs. Each park has toilet facilities nearby.

Komazawa Olympic Park horse parkAlso, located near the Horse Park are various cycling centers with different types of bicycles to rent; from kids bikes with training wheels, two-seater bikes and family carts where up to 6 people can ride (child seats are attached to the carts). Rental locations for different types of bikes are in separate areas as well as separate areas to ride.

Komazawa Olympic Park Jabu Jabu IkeA family favorite is their water play area – especially popular in summer. Open from July 16 – August 31 from 10:00 – 16:00 daily it`s a great spot for kids to cool off from the hot temperatures. It occupies a large area without trees or shade so remember your sunscreen, drinking water and take breaks as the summer sun in Japan can be quite unforgiving.

Detailed information on sports facilities can be found on their English website.

Komazawa Olympic Park Details

Address: 1-1 Komazawakoen, Setagaya, Tokyo (〒154-0013 Tokyo, 世田谷区駒沢公園1−1)
Phone: 03 3421 6199
Access: A 13-min walk from Komazawa-Daigaku Station on the Denentoshi line.
Park info and map: http://www.kensetsu.metro.tokyo.jp/kouen/kouenannai/park/english/komazawa_olympic.pdf
Parking Lot Map (in Japanese): http://www.tef.or.jp/kopgp/barrierfree/access/access3.html
Website: http://www.tef.or.jp/kopgp/en_index.jsp

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Komazawa Olympic Park slide Komazawa Olympic Park Komazawa Olympic Park sandpit


Komazawa Olympic Park Details


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