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Kodomo no Kuni grounds, water play and tips, Yokohama, Kanagawa-ken

Kodomo no Kuni is one of our favorite parks for young kids on our list of TOP Theme Parks in Japan. Kodomo no Kuni in Yokohama is a kids` paradise. It`s a 250 acre park with numerous activities and facilities that any child will enjoy. The popular attractions are a 110m rolling slide, riding and cycling center, children`s zoo, pony rides, river and splash pond and a mini steam locomotive. There are numerous playgrounds, a large outdoor pool, indoor ice skating rink, boating pond, sports fields, garden, BBQ area (by reservation only) and much more!

Kodomo no Kuni

Kodomo no Kuni ridesWe were eager to check out the rides so we visited the bicycle stand first. After entering Children`s Land walk towards your right – #3 on the map (a map can be picked near the information desk after you enter the park and towards your right). The main bicycle area has many different types of “fun” bikes; two to four-wheels, single to up-to-four riders and seated or standing cycles each with different designs. Bicycle use is for ages 3 years and up for 10 min each paid admission. Rides are 150 yen per adult (16 yrs +) and 100 yen per child (3 – 15 yrs).

The area also has;
– Car Coaster
– Helicopter Coaster
– Boat car
– Coin operated Anpanman, Thomas and F1 cars
– Single and double seated bicycles for older kids and adults to ride around the cycling course. The course is especially beautiful in Spring as cherry blossom trees surround the area and in Autumn when the leaves have changed color.

Bicycle Stand Tip:

Kodomo no Kuni tix
– Purchase the 1000 yen ticket voucher versus single ride tickets. You`ll go through them quickly.
– The helicopter, car coaster and boat cars are manual vehicles. Getting the boat car to go almost felt like an intense cycling class. Parents get ready for a workout!
– When heading to the next area (#4 the Moo Moo Dome) walk toward the end of the bicycle stand, past the mini F1 track. If you walk out from where you entered, you will walk up and down a hill just to end up at the far end of the bicycle stand.

Kodomo no Kuni domeThe Moo Moo dome is a kid favourite. There are two bouncy domes; the smaller one for kids 3-6 yrs and the large one for kids 7-12 yrs old. There is also a large grassy area to fly kites, run around and picnic. Cows, sheeps and goats graze the lawn on Weekends.

Milking the cow is a popular activity (Weekends only). If you want to participate go early in the morning, head to the Moo Moo area and get a ticket for the morning or afternoon session. They have a time stamp for when you can milk the cows. Tickets are limited.

Kodomo no Kuni jabu jabu

The Rock River is a family favorite in summer. Open from March to mid-October (#8 on the map) it`s a popular spot to cool off from the intense summer heat, and have lunch.

Just across from it is a small playground with a short rolling pin slide and play structures. One area is partitioned off for toddlers.

Kodomo no Kuni poolThe Kodomo no Kuni pool is open July 18 – Aug 31.
There is a shallow pool for young kids and a 1m deep pool for older kids, 2 water slides and 2 tube slides and a large covered area to eat and rest from the hot sun. Adults 1100 yen; Jr HS and elementary 450 yen; kids 3-5 yrs 350 yen

kodomo no kuni sled

110m Rolling Slide. You can`t go to Kodomo no Kuni and not try this slide. Walk up to the top of the slide, line up, then sit on small, colorful rolling pins all the way down.
– Take a small snow sled to ride down for you and your child. It will help with momentum going down the slide.
– Older kids were riding down on their feet in the squatting position.

Kodomo no Kuni Park Tips:

– The park is 250 acres. Take note of the train car times so you can hop on and ride to the next fun location. The cost is 200 yen per person per ride. If you have strollers store it in the last compartment of each train car.
– If you`re taking the train car to the 110m rolling pin slide get off at the tennis courts or pool. The rolling slide is located between the two.
– Kodomo no Kuni has a cafeteria near the entrance of the park, but many families choose to bring a lunch and mat/tent and have a picnic lunch on the grounds or at one of the many seating areas.
– Shops in the park carry boxed snacks or toys. Drink vending machines are plentiful.
– Stroller rentals are available for 300 yen (100 yen refundable deposit).
– Always carry water, sunscreen, mosquito repellant and a change of clothes.
– Put kodomo no kuni (子供の国) in your car navigation. It will take you straight to the parking lot.

kodomo no kuni food kodomo no kuni playgroundtrain

History: Kodomo no Kuni (Children`s Land) was founded in commemoration of the Royal Marriage of Prince Akihito and Princess Michiko. It has been open since May 5th (Children`s Day) 1965.

High school students and above: 600 yen
Elementary school student / Junior high school student: 200 yen
Child: 100 yen
Senior (65+): 300 yen (weekdays only)

Kodomo no Kuni Details

Address: 700 Nara-cho, Aoba-ku Yokohama (横浜市青葉区奈良町700)
Phone: 04-5961-2111
Hours: 9:30-16:30; July-August 9:30-17:00; Closed on Wednesdays (open if a holiday) and Dec 31 – Jan 1
Access: Kodomonokuni Station on the Tokyu Kodomonokuni Line
Website: http://www.kodomonokuni.org/english/


Kodomo no Kuni Yokohama



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