Kodomo no Kuni (Yokohama) – BBQ, Pony Ride and Zoo

On our first visit to Kodomo no Kuni (Children`s Land) we explored the various rides and numerous playgrounds. On our second visit we BBQ`d, went on a pony ride, fed the cows and sheep, and explored the zoo. This place is huge so multiple visit are highly recommended. Every season offers something different from outdoor pool in the summer to ice skating in the winter.

Kodomo no Kuni (Yokohama) – BBQ, Pony Ride and Zoo

Kodomo no Kuni BBQ, Kodomo no Kuni (Yokohama) Kodomo no Kuni makes BBQ-ing easy. They provide two sessions for BBQing (late morning and afternoon), rental equipment (grill, charcoal, tools & tableware), food and drink sets. We reserved the first session (10:00 – 12:30) and opted to bring our own food and drinks. You have the option to BBQ in a covered area or on the lawn with an open, covered tent. Get there early to set up and start grilling, and leave some time for clean up (Clear your trash. They clean the tools for you). The staff ask that you leave the area by 12:30pm so they can prepare for the next session.
Kodomo no kuni horse ride,Kodomo no Kuni (Yokohama) After lunch we took a long, relaxing nature walk to the pony rides and zoo. Tickets for the horse / pony rides can be purchased at the ticket machine between the pony track and soba restaurant. An adult riding with a child is 800 yen, junior high students and up 550 yen and children aged 3 years to elementary is 500 yen. There are two lines to stand in to ride the ponies; one for single riders and the other for a guardian and child. It`s a short ride around the track. Photo ops are available in the viewing section towards the back of the waiting line.

Kodomo no kuni goats, Kodomo no Kuni (Yokohama) Just down the hill from the pony rides is the zoo and koi pond. The zoo houses different types of birds, gerbils, goats, squirrels, peacocks, deer, raccoons and pigs. Our kids loved petting the gerbils, and walking through the large goat enclosure and bird sanctuary where the animals and birds (chicken included!) roamed freely.

Kodomo no Kuni sheep feeding, Kodomo no Kuni (Yokohama) We then headed to the cow and sheep grazing area for a feed. The kids were unable to milk the cows (11:00 & 14:00. advanced tickets needed to milk the cows) but were satisfied feeding the hungry sheep. The group took a break and had soft cream (made in house from the cows on the farm) before heading home.

Kodomo no Kuni cows, Kodomo no Kuni (Yokohama) There`s so much more to see and do. We hope to explore one of the following for our next visit: the camping site, a boat ride on swan lake, the plum garden, the green house, the ice rink and sports ground (soccer, tennis and open area), the camellia garden, the royal wedding memorial hall, the swimming pool, the hanging bridge, the disc golf course and participate in some of the seasonal classes offered at park.

I highly recommend a visit to Kodomo no kuni. They have just about everything and in natural surroundings. The perfect day/weekend trip any kid will enjoy.

Kodomo no Kuni Notes

Kodomo no Kuni cow milking statue, Kodomo no Kuni (Yokohama) BBQ Area (located just past swan lake. It is clean and well maintained). 
Two sessions for the covered BBQ area:
First session 10:00 – 12:30
Second session 13:30 – 16:00
Adult 1000 yen per person
Elementary and JHS students 500 yen per person
Season: April to end of November
* Reservations required. Equipment and food prices depend on what is ordered. Please contact Kodomo no Kuni for details.

Drink bar: All you can drink for 300 yen or purchase each drink for 150 yen. If you select the drink bar your entire group must participate. Bringing your own alcohol is prohibited. Draft beer is available.

* Cans of mosquito repellant freely available.

Kodomo no kuni pony ride, Kodomo no Kuni (Yokohama)

Horse/Pony rides:
Adult with child 800 yen
Junior High and up 550 yen
From 3 years to elementary 500 yen

Adults 250 yen; children 200 yen
There is no bunny petting/holding in summer. Only gerbils.

Park Admission:
High school students and above: 600 yen
Elementary school student / Junior high school student: 200 yen
Child: 100 yen
Senior (65+): 300 yen (weekdays only)

Kodomo no Kuni Details

Address: 700 Nara-cho, Aoba-ku Yokohama (横浜市青葉区奈良町700) (google map)
Phone: 04-5961-2111
Hours: 9:30-16:30; July-August 9:30-17:00; Closed on Wednesdays (open if a holiday) and Dec 31 – Jan 1
Access: Kodomonokuni Station on the Tokyu Kodomonokuni Line
Website: http://www.kodomonokuni.org/english/

Kodomo no Kuni (Yokohama)

Kodomo no kuni zoo Kodomo no Kuni gerbil

Kodomo no Kuni (Yokohama) Kodomo no Kuni baby goatsKodomo no kuni bird sanctuary


Kodomo no Kuni, Yokohama


Tokyo Area Clam Digging – May to late June


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