Kodomo no Hiroba Park (Setagaya, Tokyo) – Climbing Structures & Water Play

kodomo no hiroba colorsKodomo no Hiroba Park (子供広場公園) is a large, sand park with plenty of space to run around. Located near the popular Setagaya Park it has a long splash river, three different structures to climb, and plenty of shaded areas to protect you and the little ones from the hot summer sun. Find the elderly exercising and playing a friendly game of ground golf in the early morning, and families cooling off in their long splashkodomo no hiroba river river in the afternoon. It`s a great place to cool down from the summer heat.

Our kids love the climbing and sliding down the colorful concrete structure reminiscent of an old penitentiary styled chutes and ladders game. There is also a tall wooden structure to climb and slide down as well as an elevated wood structure that weaves through the trees. Have your kids cool off in the long splash river. Remember to take your sunscreen and mosquito repellant.

We recommend a morning at the park then, lunch down the street at the family-friendly Fungo Restaurant & Cafe. Check out the seasonal apple pie specials across the street at Granny Smith`s then visit Setagaya Park for more playground park fun – all within walking distance. Have a great time!

Kodomo no Hiroba Park has the following equipment:

kodomo no hiroba water– Long splash river
– Colorful four-story, building to climb up and slide down
– Wooden gate-like structure to climb and slide down
– Long maze-like structure
– Four swings
– One small playground slide
– Benches

Kodomo no Hiroba Park Details:

Address: 2-31-4 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (東京都世田谷区下馬2-31-4)
Phone: 03-3412-7841 (Japanese language only)
Access: A 10 min walk from Sangenjaya Station

kodomo no hiroba structure kodomo no hiroba groundskodomo no hiroba treeskodomo no hiroba wood

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Kodomo no Hiroba Park, Setagaya


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