King George (Daikanyama, Tokyo) – Fresh American Style Sandwiches

King George 2nd floorPeople have been raving about the healthy and enormous sandwiches at King George, a cafe bar in Daikanyama, so I went to check it out. They weren`t kidding. Located a short 5 minute walk from Daikanyama station King George offers 3 floors for seating; the 2nd and main floor is bright with natural light, the 2nd floor offers a large communal table and the rooftop has great views of the city.

Trying to go healthy this summer I ordered their vegetarian sandwich which comes with avocado, marble cheese, seasonal vegetables and a choice of bread (rye, dark rye, sesame or macrobiotic) and a complimentary soda (a complimentary juice or soda comes with a weekday lunch set).

My sandwich was the height of a small glass and the width of two! It was tasty and filling (I could only finish half. The other I took home). Definitely a place I`ll revisit.

King George Notes

King George veg sand – cafe during the day, cocktail bar at night.
– clean, bright and non-smoking
– 2nd floor: table and bar-seating (you can watch the sandwiches being made at the bar)
– 3rd floor: large table seating with antiques and art.
– rooftop seating with nice views
– not baby or stroller-friendly (steep and narrow stairs)
** Take out available

King George entranceKing George, Daikanyama

Address: 11-13-2F Daikanyama, Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷区代官山11-13 (渋谷不動産ビル2F)
Phone: 03-6277-5734
Hours: 11:30-24:00 (L.O. 11:00); Closed Mondays.
Access: A 5-min walk from Daikanyama Station (Google Map)

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King George lunch set


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King George, Daikanyama


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