Kids` Handmade Paper Gifts – Paper Quilling

handmade paper gifts flowersWant a fun craft you can do year round with the kids? Or the perfect kids` handmade paper gifts for friends and family? Try Paper Quilling! Paper Quilling or Paper Filigree is the art of shaping rolled paper into decorative shapes that can be glued together. It’s fun, and it helps kids develop fine motor skills, creativity and patience.

The materials you`ll need to make a DIY quilling tool and decorative design can be found at any 100 yen shop. We purchased all of ours at the local Seria 100 yen store in Daikanyama.

Paper Quilling – A Fun Craft for Kids

Paper Quilling tools

What you’ll need:
– Scissors / Paper Cutter / Blade Knife
– Construction paper (various colors)
– Toothpick
– Pen (contents removed)
– Glue

What to do:

Paper Quilling DIY tool– To create a DIY quilling tool cut the tip off a toothpick using a blade knife then make a small cut into the toothpick. Place the toothpick into an empty pen then twist the top of the pen back on.
– Cut construction paper into thin strips using a paper cutter or scissors (about 1/2″ wide for preschoolers) or, if you have one, shred paper in a shredder (for more advanced quillers).
– Place the construction paper in the DIY paper quilling tool (into the cut of the toothpick) and start rolling. Paper quilling start
– Remove the coiled paper from the toothpick and let go of the coiled roll so there is a little space between the turns of the roll. You can adjust the size of the roll by re-winding it.
– Secure the end of the rolls with glue (a glue stick works best). If you want to make different shapes, pinch the roll in different areas to make hearts, stars, tear drops, etc. then secure the end of the roll with glue.
– Glue the rolls and shapes together to make your own decorative designs!

Paper Quilling twirlPaper Quilling gluePaper quilling

handmade paper gifts 2015 box of flowers
2015 box of flowers
handmade paper gifts 2014 vday heart
2014 vday heart
handmade paper gifts Paper Quilling xmas tree
2015 xmas tree


Kids` handmade paper gifts – Paper Quilling


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