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Kids Extracurricular: STEM Classes Monday Afternoons

Best Living Japan is offering kids’ extracurricular – Tokyo STEM Classes almost every Monday afternoon from 16:30-18:00 in Autumn 2020. Your kids can enjoy 1.5 hours of STEM in a socially distanced safe space. STEM is being taught by our partner Coding Lab.  Sign-up for one class for 5000 yen, three classes for 14,000 yen (4,667 yen per class, including tax) or all six for 26,000 yen (4,330 yen per class, including tax). The maximum class size is 10 kids in grades 2nd – 5th.

* Masks are mandatory and temperatures will be take at beginning of each class. Kids will temps over 37 celsius will not be emitted to class. 

In the STEM + ART = STEAM period Students create while learning about science, technology, engineering, and math.  Kids will explore things like how gravity works, how electricity and magnets can make motors turn, code robots to solve puzzles, discover cryptographer, use chemistry to make invisible inks, and more.  We teach kids about the scientific method and how to conduct experiments, but we emphasis creativity and having fun.

Best Living Japan Kids Extracurricular Classes Fall 2020

Monday: Arts & Crafts

Tuesday: Speech & Drama

Wednesday & Thursday: Coding

2020 Fall/Winter Tokyo STEM Classes


Sept 28   Class 1

(16:30-18:00; drop-off from 16:20)

STEM – -Physics (Motion, Gravity, and Friction)

Craft Cars and Inclined Plane – Let’s make mini craft cars out of things lying around the house and learn about motion and gravity and friction as we send them racing down a hill.

Oct 5 – Class 2

(16:30-18:00; drop-off from 16:20)

STEM – Light and Color

Color Spinner – Let’s make spinning color wheels and learn how we can magically change colors into other colors.

Oct 19 – Class 3

(16:30-18:00; drop-off from 16:20)

STEM  – Physics (Electricity/Magnetism)

Mini Motors and Fans – Let’s make motors with just batteries and magnets.  And use them to power homemade fans to keep you cool in the summer heat!

Nov 2  – Class 4

(16:30-18:00; drop-off from 16:20)


STEM – Robotics

Robotic Intro – Have you ever wondered how a robot works?  Or even how to program it?  Let’s use Coding Lab’s awesome robots and code them to solve puzzles and play games.

Nov 9  Class 5

(16:30-18:00; drop-off from 16:20)

STEM –  – Math/Geometry

Fractal geometry – Have you ever looked at the shapes in the branches of a tree or a leaf or the spirals in a shell and wondered why they are like that?  These are examples of fractal geometry.  Let’s learn how they work and make our own fractal art!

Oct 14 –   Class 6

(16:30-18:00; drop-off from 16:20)

STEM –   Chemistry/Cryptography

Secret Messages and Invisible Ink – Secret messages, unbreakable codes, and invisible inks!  Let’s combine chemistry and cryptography to make not only unbreakable secret messages, but also hide them invisibly!  You’ll learn what codes and ciphers are how to use them.  And how to make invisible ink!

Oct 21 –   Class 1

(16:30-18:00; drop-off from 16:20)

** Sign-ups for this class will begin in early October.


Oct 28 –  Class 2
(16:30-18:00; drop-off from 16:20)
** Sign-ups for this class will begin in early October.


Nov 4 –    Class 3
(16:30-18:00; drop-off from 16:20)
** Sign-ups for this class will begin in early October.


Nov 11 – Class 4 
(16:30-18:00; drop-off from 16:20)
** Sign-ups for this class will begin in early October.


Nov 18 –    Class 5 
(16:30-18:00; drop-off from 16:20)
** Sign-ups for this class will begin in early October.


Dec 2 –    Class 6 
(16:30-18:00; drop-off from 16:20)
** Sign-ups for this class will begin in early October.



All about our partner:

Coding Lab Japan 

We believe that every child should have the chance to code. There are many things that children will love about coding; creating their own game, app, making their own animated stories and the many other endless possibilities by harnessing today’s rapidly evolving technologies.

At Coding Lab, it is our mission to extend these benefits to every child we meet. Teaching them the joy of breaking down computing puzzles one step at a time, or seeing their faces light up as they test out their newly created game is what we delight in doing.

The idea of coding may seem daunting at first, but with the right guidance and practice, any child can learn to code.

We hope to infuse our students with enthusiasm as they discover this complex but increasingly valuable language, leading them to discover the wonders of creating their own app, writing their own code, and sparking their creativity as they design their own creations.

Through coding, our students learn the process of logical thinking, build self-confidence, and begin to understand critical reasoning. We want every child to experience the benefits of coding not only at their computer, but also to apply what they have learnt at school and at the workplace.

Our tailor-made curriculum based on a mixture of world-renowned coding programs (Eg. Scratch by MIT, Stencyl etc), offers an extensive range of programs that provides our students with a vital head start in life.

Learn to code with us today! Find out more about our coding programmes here.



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