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Keep Baby Toddler Warm and Healthy in Japan 2015

Winter has arrived – Are your prepared to keep your baby toddler warm and healthy? As a mom of four kids, I thought I would share five tips and ten items that will help you this winter.  Here is also a list of great products for your home and older kids and adults. Hope you find below helpful. Happy Winter!

Baby Toddler Warm and HealthyKeep Baby Toddler Warm and Healthy in Japan 2015

Some points to remember when thinking about how to keep baby toddler warm and healthy in Japan this winter.

1. Although Mom and Dad may be warm walking around, babies and toddlers sitting in strollers get cold very quickly. Make sure to check the temperature of their hands and feet. If cold, head back inside.

2. Wet diapers are very cold when out and about. Make sure you change diapers more frequently than normal.

3. Babies and kids can get very dehydrated in the winter so make sure they are consuming liquids. Also keep their little bodies and face well moisturised. The best way to remember is to slather on moisturizer right after babies’ evening bath (see #5 below).

4. Wash hands after returning home. We leave a bottle of spray hand sanitizer (#9 below) right in the entryway to spray each time we come home.

5. Remember not to overheat baby at night. Be very careful of blankets in the crib and always have baby sleep face-up. Consider not having any blankets instead dressing baby in PJs and a sleeping sack (see #2 below).

How to Keep Baby Toddler Warm and Healthy in Japan This Winter

Here are some great items you should own to keep Baby Toddler warm and healthy. All of the items are available on Amazon.co.jp

Baby Toddler Warm and Healthy

1. The baby cap/coverall is a must have for the winter. This BuddyBuddy 4-way down cap is great because you can use it with a baby carrier or in the stroller. BuddyBuddy cap is about¥5,000 and is available in three colors. You should click through to the product page to see how this cap can be used in four different ways. Here is a whole list of cover-ups and caps you can buy and receive quickly.

Baby and Toddler Warm and HealthySleepers are great for the winter. Sleepers keep your baby warm without having to use blankets in the crib. Hoppetta Champignon gauze sleeper is a great Japanese product and comes in a variety of patterns. Price is about ¥4,000.  Love this product! Here is a whole list of sleep sacks available at Amazon Japan.

Baby and Toddler Warm and Healthy
3. A great thermometer is a must have when you have a child. When I had my first child, I bought the cheapo thermometer, and I regretted that decision pretty quickly. Buy a good thermometer that is fast and accurate. This is the highest ranked thermometer at Amazon and is the easiest to use. Just touch your baby’s forehead.  The Pigeon Champion Touch is pricey but worth it. Here is also a wider selection of thermometers.

4. Baby and Toddler Warm and HealthyThe Smile Cute nose sucker (¥16,300) is one of those products that one does not really want to buy, nor think about using. However, it does help when baby can not sleep at night and just needs a quick clean-out. There are high-end electrical systems and simple manual ones. Which one you buy depends on how often you will use it, but every family should have one. Here is a wide selection of nose suckers.

Baby and Toddler Warm and Healthy5. Buy a few tubes of baby cream; one for the nursery, one for the bathroom, one for the diaper bag, and one for Mom or Dad’s  bag. All of my kids get dry spots on their bodies in the winter. Massage baby cream/lotion on after bathing,  and on faces, hands and feet before going out.  My favourite cream is Pax Baby Cream 50g. for ¥648. They also have a good UV face lotion for about ¥530 yen.

6. Baby and Toddler Warm and Healthy Apix Aroma Humidifier – White ¥ 6,400 – Japanese apartments and houses tend to be very dry in the winter, especially when you have central heating. We have a humidifier in each bedroom and living area.  This new Apix is a great design, and also can be used with Aroma oils. This humidifier is perfect for the average size bedroom. Easy to use, diffuses well and cute to boot. Available in four colors; white, pink, mint green and tan. Many more humidifiers here.

Baby and Toddler Warm and Healthy

7.  If your baby starts to get rough and dry skin, consider a special bath soap. This bath soap from Atopita  about¥ 1,100 works well on my kids in the winter. It is made specifically for dry or irritated skin. Also, make sure you reduce the temperature of baby’s bath, and the amount of time baby spends in the bath to reduce dry skin. There is a wide selection of soaps for sensitive skin here.

Baby and Toddler Warm and Healthy
8.  You can never have enough hats and mittens for the winter. I am a huge fan of mittens attached with a string to prevent losing mittens all the time. Loving these cute bear and rabbit mittens.  You can also attach a string yourself quite simply.

Baby and Toddler Warm and Healthy


9. We keep a bottle of this hand sanitizer made by Kao ¥468 in the entryway of our house and the kitchen year round. When you return home, just make it a habit to spray your hands to reduce germs during the cold season.

Baby and Toddler Warm and Healthy

10.  If you transport your baby on your bicycle, you will want to invest in a bicycle baby seat cover for this winter. The one shown here is from Maruto and fits almost all back seat carriers, a great value for about¥ 2,700.  Japan is the land of bicycles, so there are many great covers to chose from.

Have a happy and healthy winter. I hope this content helped you figure out how to keep baby warm and healthy in Japan this winter. If you have other items that are helpful, please add a comment below!


Keep Baby Toddler Warm and Healthy in Japan 2015


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