Karuizawa Playground (Nagano-ken)

On our last visit we found an amazing playground park in Karuizawa, Nagano. Located a short drive from the popular Tsuruya Supermarket lies Yukawa Furusato Park (湯川ふるさと公園). It`s a large and clean park that all families can enjoy, dog-friendly too! Families can be seen walking their dogs, picnicking on the lawn, taking strolls through the garden, playing soccer or badminton in their large, enclosed area, running after their kids on the large playground equipment or relaxing watching the (shinkansen) go by.

Karuizawa is a great weekend getaway (only a 1hr Shinkansen ride from Tokyo). For more details on Karuizawa, read my blog post here.

Karuizawa Playgroung Equipment:

Climbing equipment
Numerous slides
Rope glide
1 yr old play area
Spring Riders
Closed area for soccer and badminton
Clean bathrooms
Drink Vending Machines
Enormous Lawn for picnics/kite flying
View of the Shinkansen passing by
Map from Karuizawa Station to Yugawa Furusato Koen. (map)

Tsuruya Supermarket location information:



Karuizawa Playground, Nagano



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  1. Not to mention great views of Mt Asama, and Tsuruya Supermarket just round the back for all your picnic requirements.

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