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Kappa Sushi (Various Locations) – Kaiten / Conveyor Belt Sushi

Kappa SushiWhether a tourist or a local, kaitenzushi is a fun family dining experience. We visited Kappa Sushi (かっぱ寿司), one of the major kaitenzushi chains in Japan. Kaiten Zushi or “conveyor belt sushi” are sushi restaurants where sushi, and more recently; noodles, fried foods and desserts are served from a conveyor belt – some even by high speed train trays. The kids loved it.

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Kappa SushiMost kaitenzushi restaurants feature a multilingual touchscreen menu in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. If you don`t see what you like on the belt order it from the touchscreen. We prefer ordering directly from the kitchen as it ensures our sushi is fresh; plus the kids love receiving their meals via high speed train. Our shop delivered our food within minutes of ordering on the yellow bullet train tray. Wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger are self-served, as is green tea.

Kappa SushiIf your kids aren`t ready for sushi they also offer kid-friendly foods like noodles, soups, edamame, tamagoyaki (literally “grilled egg” or rolled omelet), french fries, fried chicken and other options.


Kappa SushiPrice is determined by the color or pattern of the plates which usually range from 100 – 500 yen a dish. It is considered good manners to stack your plates by color before asking for your check. Your server will count the plates then hand you a receipt to take to the register for payment. Easy and a unique dining experience.

Kappa Sushi has over 300 shops across Japan and 8 locations in Tokyo. They recently opened a new chain, Sushi Nova, in Shibuya-ku (Jingumae and Udagawa-cho). Their menu serves their classic sushi items as well as “vegetable sushi”, tempura and desserts. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Kappa Sushi Tokyo Locations:

Mitaka Shop: 三鷹市新川6-25-12
Mitaka Shop Phone: 0422-76-4082
Nerima Shop: 練馬区錦2-18-16
Nerima Shop Phone: 03-5945-8920
Nerima Nukui: 練馬区貫井2-4-15
Nerima Nukui Phone: 03-5971-2882
Itabashi Shop: 板橋区東新町1-48-10
Itabashi Shop Phone: 03-5986-9621
Adachi Shop: 足立区谷在家2-1-1
Adachi Shop Phone: 03-5837-1361
Ome Shop: 青梅市新町7-1-7
Ome Shop Phone: 0428-30-1036
Katsushika Tateishi Shop: 葛飾区立石5-2-3
Katsushika Tateishi Shop Phone: 03-5671-5203
Wakabadai Shop: 稲城市若葉台2-8
Wakabadai Shop Phone: 042-350-6081
Sushi Nova Shibuya: 渋谷区宇田川町28-3 渋谷A2ビルB1F
Sushi Nova Shibuya Phone: 03-6427-0551
Sushi Nova Harajuku: 渋谷区神宮前1-6-12 ITOBLDG2FD
Sushi Nova Harajuku Phone: 03-6455-5227

Kappa SushiBusiness Hours: 10:00 – 23:00 Daily
**Times vary by location. Please call your nearest store for their hours.
Website: https://www.kappasushi.jp
Locations List:https://www.kappasushi.jp/shop2
Kappa Sushi   Kappa Sushi

Kappa Sushi – Kaiten / Conveyor Belt Sushi


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