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Kamogawa Sea World (Chiba)

If you are looking for a great day or weekend trip from Tokyo, I highly recommend Minami Boso (the southern area of Chiba) and the Kamogawa Sea World. Kamogawa Sea World is a 1.5-2 hour trip from central Tokyo where you can enjoy the sea breeze, beach and learn about sea life. The most popular part of Kamogawa Sea World are the animal performances – Orcas, Belugas, sea lions and dolphins. If you do not enjoy animal performances, then you should skip Kamogawa Sea World. Expect to spend about 4-5 hours.  Pack your family beach bag and head out of town. See our entire list of recommended zoos and aquariums here. 

If you are also heading out to Chiba plan a stop at the Umihotaru on the Aqua Line, Mitsui Outlet Center in Kisarazu or Mother Farm which all kids LOVE!

Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba Aquariums with kidsKamogawa Sea World (Chiba)

There are three main types of activities at Kamogawa Sea World.

Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba Aquariums with kids

  • Animal Performances – Orcas, Belugas, sea lions and dolphins. Each performance is about 30 mins and includes a good overview in Japanese about the animals, and also some tricks. More info and schedule here.



  • Kamogawa Sea WorldHabitat Areas – Our favorites were the Jelly and the Tropical areas. In the Jelly area, you can see up close some pretty cool Jellies and enjoy walking on the floor digital simulation that looks like water. In the Tropical area, the fish are super colorful, and you can color a fish and let it go into a digital sea. More info here. 


  • Guided Discover Tours – You need to purchase a separate ticket for experience to feed, touch and get commemorative Kamogawa Sea Worldphotos with some of the animals. These tickets are sold first come first serve at the entrance of the park. Go early, if you want to try to buy a ticket. Tickets cost 600-1,000 JPY per family (one ticket per family group). You can sometimes line up and try to get a ticket during the day, but the odds are low. More info here. 

Visit Tips

1. Pack your beach gear since you will want to hit the beach after Kamogawa Sea World.

2. Stay in Kamogawa the night before or leave Tokyo area early so you can be one of the first in line for tickets and parking. If you want to buy the Discovery Tickets which allow for feeding, touching and commemorative photos with some of the animals you have to be there first thing in the a.m.

3. Once you enter, check out the performance schedule and determine your time management strategy.Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba Aquariums with kids

4. There are a few restaurants inside Sea World, but I recommend taking an obento, and treat the kids to shaved ice!

5. Make sure to wear a hat and sunscreen and take some frozen bottles of water – it is hot and outside most of the day.

6. You can use a stroller, but I recommend a baby carrier. There are quite a few stairs in the performance areas.

7. Take a rain poncho or plastic sheet to protect yourself from splashes in the performance area. Many families had to change clothes.

Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba Aquariums with kids*********

Kamogawa Official Statement – The concept behind the exhibits at Kamogwa Sea World is “encountering the ocean world.” We provide a place where our visitors will be amazed by the beauty of sea life and learn about the importance of it and its surrounding environments through exhibitions representative of the natural world and performances by our sea animals. For more information about Kamogawa Sea World research activities check here. http://www.kamogawa-seaworld.jp/english/research/activity/


Kamogawa Sea World (Chiba) Details
Address: 1464-18 Higashi-cho, Kamogawa, Chiba 296-0041 (google map)Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba Aquariums with kids
Phone: 04-7093-4803
Business Hours: Open times can vary by day so check the schedule here. http://www.kamogawa-seaworld.jp/english/guide/
Cost: Adult (including high school students) – 2,800 JPY, Child (4-year olds – junior high school students) –  1,400 JPY, and Over 65 – 2,200 JPY
Access: 1.5 – 2 hours from central Tokyo by car or train
Website: http://www.kamogawa-seaworld.jp/english/
Facebook page

Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba Aquariums with kids Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba Aquariums with kids Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba Aquariums with kids Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba Aquariums with kids Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba Aquariums with kids Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba Aquariums with kids Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba Aquariums with kids



If you enjoy aquariums, we recommend the following ones in the Kanto area!

#1. Tokyo Sea Life Park (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)

Tokyo Sea Life Park (Edogawa, Tokyo)


#2. Sunshine Aquarium Ikebukuro 

Sunshine Aquarium (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

#3. Sumida Aquarium (Sky Tree, Tokyo)

Enoshima Aquarium (Kanagawa)

#4. Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa

Maxell Aqua Park (Shinagawa, Tokyo)


#5. Enoshima Aquarium (Enoshima, Kanagawa-ken)

Enoshima Aquarium (Kanagawa)


Kamogawa Sea World (Chiba) – Tokyo Day or Weekend Trip


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  1. Hello,

    Is there a English speaking guide facility as well? I think you mentioned the overview is in Japanese only.

    Also, there is no online purchase of ticket right?

    Thanks for your reply.

    • Hello Ankush,

      Unfortunately Kamogawa Sea World does not have an English speaking guide facility.

      You can purchase tickets online and receive them at the Seven Eleven Convenience store or via smart phone app however purchasing instructions are in Japanese.

  2. Should we book tickets in advance or is it okay to by after going there?

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