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Kabuki (Ginza, Tokyo)- Experience a Japanese Art Economically, Ginza

In all my years in Japan I have attended Kabuki once and have to admit I found the four hours+ show a tad long for my attention. However, I did love the experience. I recommend to all visitors and residents that they should see Kabuki but Kabuki, Best Living Japantry a short act first which is both economical in yen and time.

Every day the Kabukiza Theater in Ginza sells one act or short act tickets which range between 18 – 45 mins in viewing time and cost 600-2,000 yen. If you love the short act, you can buy tickets for a full show later in the day or future date. The Kabukiza Theater Kabukiza Roof Gardenalso has a great gift shop floor in the basement level, a Kabuki Gallery Museum, a nice roof park, a beautiful Japanese tea shop (Jugetsudo) and restaurant on the top floor and an Alice Studio where you can rent a Kimono and have photos taken. A great day would be visiting Tsukiji around 9:00 a.m. walking over to Kabukiza to see the morning act then enjoying some shopping in the Ginza. If you still have the energy, you can walk around the Imperial Palace in the afternoon.

Kabukiza Gift Shop in the BasementKabuki – Experience a Japanese Art Economically

Every month the Kabuki shows change so you should check the schedule on the official Kabukiwebsite which is in English.

Top 10 Notes from My Kabukiza Short Act Experience:

  1. You can only buy in person usually 15-30 mins before. Approximately 150 short act tickets are so. Is you are planning to visit on a Japanese national holiday or school break I would get in line early; most other days do not sell out.
  2. Every person who wants to attend must line-up and buy a ticket. The ticket office will not sell multiple tickets to one person.
  3. Short act tickets are not sold at the main ticket office. They are sold on the street level to the left of the main entrance.
  4. You must pay in yen cash. Credit cards not accepted.
  5. You can only buy tickets for one show. If you want to attend two shows in the same day, you must line up twice.
  6. You are not guaranteed a seat to sit. Some viewers will need to stand. First come first serve.Kabuki za, Ginza
  7. Viewing of the show is from the 4th floor. 
  8. Children must be over six years old to view the show.
  9. I highly recommend you rent the tablet for 500 yen which will allow you to read a translation.
  10. You can not record or take photos in the theatre. 

Kabuki theatre tea shop and restaurantKabukiza Theater Details 

Address: Ginza 4-12-15, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81 (0)3-3545-6800 (10:00AM-6:00PM)
Access: Directly above Higashi Ginza Station (Exit 3) on the Hibiya Line and Asakusa line; 5 min walk from Ginza Station (Exit A6) on the Hibiya, Ginza and Marunouchi Lines.
Wesbite:  Main site: http://www.kabuki-bito.jp/eng/top.html
Ginza Kabukiza page: http://www.kabuki-bito.jp/eng/contents/theatre/kabukiza.html


Kabuki – Experience a Japanese Art Economically

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