Preparing for Japanese Elementary School (Shogakko)

Japanese Elementary School begins in April. Are you prepared? Or will your child attend in the coming years? We`ve listed what you need to know, information schedules and a general school supplies list to help you prepare.

What you need to know:

*Elementary School Selection Procedure for Meguro Ward. Please contact your ward office as procedures may vary:
October 7: Receive Elementary School Application schedule from your local Ward office.
October 8 ~ October 27: School Application Period.
November 4: Zone school change form distributed.
November 4 ~ November 17: Application Period for `out of zone` School
November 24: Notification of School Change Lottery
December 1: Public Lottery
December 2: Lottery Results
January 13: School Enrollment List Distributed. Mail-in part of the form to confirm your enrollment and keep the remaining form for the entrance ceremony.
February: Elementary School Entrance Ceremony Meeting; overview of school information, supplies, and date of school start.
April: School Entrance Ceremony and School Start

Elementary School Viewing and Information Session Schedule:

– Visit local elementary schools in May during their Sports Days or call to schedule a visit. Some schools have “open school” viewing days. Call your local elementary school for their viewing days.
– June: Elementary School Lecture and School Viewing
– September: Elementary School Information Sessions
– October: Setsumeikai (Briefing Session) and Tour
– November Health Check (Teeth, ENT (ear, nose & throat), chest (breathing) and vision)    ** Take your child`s immunization records, indoor shoes and shoe bag for parent & child. Child should wear a comfortable top to easily remove for check up.
– February: School Briefing. Parents are given papers to fill in and a list of supplies to purchase.
**Open a JAPAN POST Bank Account. This is used for school fees (textbook, lunch, etc). It`s a simple procedure and should take less than 45 minutes.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES to purchase and label: (others will be provided at the school e.g. supplies box, renrakucho (contact book), clay, crayons, etc):

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Randoseru (elementary school back pack)
– Indoor Shoes & Shoe Bag
– Gym Uniform and bag
Graphite Pencils (B or 2B) – Five Black and One Red
Pencil case
– Plastic Board sheet to write on
– Scissors
– Glue
– Ruler
– Blank Notebook
Earthquake Hood and chair cover
– 2 Lesson Bags (A4 size)
Lunch Mat
– Toothbrush
– Cup
Small Towel
– Bag to hold lunch items
– Pocket Tissues

** We recommend purchasing a Name Stamp Set to label all school items.

General Elementary School HOLIDAY SCHEDULE (Please consult your public school as dates may vary):
Summer: July 23 ~ August 24
Winter: December 26 ~ January 7
Spring: March 25 ~ April 5

SCHOOL START TIME: Generally between 8:05 ~ 8:25am

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Preparing for Japanese Elementary School (Shogakko)

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