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Japanese Sunscreen for Kids – Top Selling Products, Ingredients and Protection Levels

Trying to figure out which Japanese drugstore sunscreen for kids is the best for your family? Here is a quick reference list of the top selling 2017 sunscreens for children.  Sunscreen is recommended year-round for children 6 months and older. Infants under six months should not be in direct sunlight, application of sunscreen is not recommended. Since our kids are out an about all day we stock-up on many of these top Japanese drugstore sunscreen for kids. The products on this list can be found at most Japanese Drugstores or on Amazon.co.jp. We also recommend you dress your children in sun hats, UV cut clothes and sunglasses to prevent skin damage.  Also check out our guides on Japan mosquito protection, and surviving the rain and heat in Japan.

Note the `PA` Abbreviation on sunscreens is for the Protection Grade of UVA established by the Japanese. Since UVA causes long term skin damage, it is advisable to purchase sunscreens with the highest PA rating. How does SPF and PA compare? SPF indicates the level of protection from UVB rays (UVB rays usually burns the superficial layers of your skin) while PA indicates the level of protection from UVA rays (UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis). To achieve protection from both UVA and UVB, look for a broad spectrum sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

PA+ = protection against UVA rays.
PA++ = moderate protection
PA+++ = great protection

Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for Baby & Kids

Here is also some Japanese to know when purchasing sunscreen/sunblock
Sunscreen/sunblock     日焼け止め           ひやけどめ hiyakedome
ultraviolet rays                紫外線              しがいせん shigaisen
water resistant                耐水性                  たいすいせい taisuisei
waterproof                      ウォータープルーフ wa-ta-puru-fu
unscented                        無香料                  むこうりょう  mukouryou
no coloring                      無着色                  むちゃくしょく muchakushoku

Yusekin S UV milk SPF 25 PA ++ 

Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for KidsA sunscreen for children and for those with sensitive skin. Non-drying and moisturizing. Can be used from babies to the elderly.

◆ SPF 25 / PA ++
◆ Fragrance free, color free, and alcohol free
◆ Moisturizing Ingredients (hyaluronic acid, amino acid component , shiso leaf extract)

Price: 1,008 JPY / Amazon 806 JPY


Water, Ethylhexyl palmitatem, Titanium oxide, BG, Pentylene glycol, Sorbitan stearate, Triethylhexanoin, Methyl methacrylate crosspolymer, alumina, Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid Na, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, Shiso extract, Lysine dilauroylglutamate Na, Tocopherol, citric acid, Na citrate, Polysorbate 80, Isohexadecane, Behenyl alcohol, Neopentyl glycol dicaprate, Coconut fatty acid sucrose, (Acrylic acid Na / acryloyldimethyltaurine) copolymer, Xanthan gum, PEG-60 isostearate glyceryl, Methicone, Polyhydroxystearic acid, Methylparaben

******* Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for Kids and Baby  *******

NIVEA Sun Protect Water Gel for Kids SPF 28 PA ++

Japanese Sunscreen for Kids & BabyA non-alcohol UV gel that gently protects children’s skin and keeps it`s moisture which easily dries from ultraviolet rays.

◆ SPF 28 / PA ++
◆ Non- alcoholic · non-fragrance · without coloring
◆ Can be used on the face and body

Price: 734 JPY / Amazon 521 JPY


Water, tri (caprylic / capric acid) glyceryl, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, PG, cyclomethicone, octyltriazone, tocopherol acetate, sodium hyaluronate, polyquaternium -51, eucalyptus extract, BG, (acrylic acid / alkyl acrylate (C10 -30)) copolymer, carbomer, ceteth-10, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, sodium hydroxide

******* Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for Kids and Baby  *******

Mama Hug Sun Gel SPF 25 PA +++

Japanese Sunscreen for Baby & KidsMothers love the easy to use hypoallergenic Mama Hug sunscreen. The foam pump makes application light and non-sticky.

◆ SPF 25 / PA +++
◆ Hypoallergenic
◆ Can be used on the face and body

Price: 1,026 JPY / Amazon 798 JPY


A mixture of water, DPG, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, cyclopentasiloxane, triethylhexanoin, polysilicone-15, glycyrrhizinic acid 2K, yogurt solution (milk), sodium hyaluronate, BG, 1.2-hexanediol, hexyl diethylaminohydroxybenzoylbenzoate, (Acrylates / alkyl acrylate (C10-30)) crosspolymer, (acryloyldimethyltaurine ammonium / VP) copolymer, TEA, EDTA-2Na, talc, phenoxyethanol

******* Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for Kids and Baby  *******

Sun Beards Kodomo S (SPF 20 PA +)

Japanese SunscreenThe Sun Beards Kodomo is gentle to the skin and super compact so it`s easy to carry. It doubles as a moisturizer and goes on light so it`s not sticky. The product is waterproof, but if you have sweaty kids we recommend applying frequently.

◆ SPF 20 / PA +
◆ Moisturizer
◆ Waterproof
◆ Slight fragrance
◆ Use: Shake well then apply

Price: 864 JPY / Amazon 458 JPY


Water, titanium oxide, cetyl ethylhexanoate, ethyl hexyl isononanoate, BG, octyldodecyl myristate, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, silica, sodium cetethrinate, behenyl alcohol, ascorbyl tetrahexyl decanoate, licorice root extract, polyglyceryl pentastearate -10, PPG-8 Ceteth-20, hydroxyapatite, alumina, stearoyl lactylate Na, tocopherol acetate, xanthan gum, BHT, methyl parapen, propyl parapen, fragrance

******* Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for Kids and Baby  *******

SebaMed Baby UV Milk (SPF 16 PA ++)

Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for KidsBaby SebaMed is a skin care brand that protects your baby’s skin. This UV milk is hypoallergenic, fragrance free and colorless.

◆ SPF 16 PA ++
◆ No fragrance, Alcohol Free
◆ Hypoallergenic; pH 5. 5

Price: 1,080 JPY / Amazon 945 JPY


PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, silica, chamomile extract, xanthan gum, succinic acid, 2Na succinate, cetanol, PEG-75 stearate, steareth -20, ceteth-20, glyceryl stearate, EDTA-2 Na, methyl paraben, propyl paraben

******* Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for Kids and Baby  *******

UV Cream PAX BABY UV Cream SPF 17 / PA +

Pax baby UV cream is colorless and without fragrance, so it`s safe for delicate skin and for babies. It contains macadamia nut oil, keeping the skin moisturized. It`s compact so easy to carry however the SPF is low so we recommend wearing with a hat and UV protected clothing.

◆ SPF 17 / PA +
◆ No fragrance, no coloring

Price: 700 JPY / Amazon 455 JPY


Water, glycerin, potash soap base, titanium oxide, squalane, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, silica, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, tocopherol, xanthan gum, hinokitiol, ethanol

******* Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for Kids and Baby  *******

Mommy UV Mild Gel 

Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for KidsMommy UV mild gel pump is colorless, fragrance free and without preservatives and alcohol. Very light when applying to child`s skin.

◆ SPF 30
◆ Hypoallergenic

Price: 972 JPY / Amazon 813 JPY


Water, PG, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, macadamia nut oil, hexyl diethylaminohydroxybenzoylbenzoate, aloe vera leaf extract, apple extract, raspberry extract, (acrylate / alkyl acrylate (C10-30)) crosspolymer, hydroxide K, EDTA- 2Na, BHT, BG

******* Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for Kids and Baby  *******

 Shisedo Branded Sunscreen for babies – Anessa Baby Care Sunscreen N.

◆ SPF 34 / PA +++
◆ alcohol free
◆ non-paraben, no mineral oils
◆ Use: Shake well before use

Price: 1296 JPY


Cyclomethicone, water, BG, glycerin, olefin oligomer, silica, dimethicone, pentaerythrityl tetraethylhexanoate, PEG-9 polydimethylsiloxyethyl dimethicone, Al hydroxide, isostearyl alcohol, squalane, trimethylsiloxysilicic acid, methyl gluceth- , Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, Scutellaria root extract, hyaluronic acid Na, Wild Time extract, Wormwood leaf extract, Tolmentila extract, Triethoxy caprylylsilane, Stearic acid, Isostearic acid, Distearyldimonium chloride, Distealdimonium hectorite, EDTA-3Na, phenoxyethanol, zinc oxide, titanium oxide

******* Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for Kids and Baby  *******

Wakodo Baby UV care for Daily Walks

Japanese Sunscreen for Kids & BabyWakodo, the popular baby brand known for their milk and baby food, sells two types of sunscreen; SPF 19 for daily walks and SPF 33 for water play and leisure. Easy to use and compact so easy to carry and re-apply.

◆ SPF 33
◆ fragrance and color free
◆ non-paraben, non-alcohol
◆ Use: Shake lightly then apply

Price: Amazon 850 JPY


Water, zinc oxide, isononyl isononanoate, BG, silica, hydrogenated polyisobutene, polysorbate 80, ethylhexyl palmitate, hydrous silica, glycerin, arachidyl alcohol, raffinose * 1, hydrogenated lecithin * 2, inositol, ceramide 3, phytosterols , Hyaluronic acid Na, betaine, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, tocopherol, (acryloyldimethyltaurine ammonium / VP) copolymer, xanthan gum, behenyl alcohol, arachyl glucoside, t-butanol, citric acid, EDTA-2Na, ethylhexyl glycerin, phenoxyethanol
* 1 oligosaccharide ※ 2 Phospholipids

******* Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for Kids and Baby  *******

Pigeon UV Baby Milk Water Proof SPF35 PA +++

Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for Kids

PIGEON UV Baby Milk Waterproof Sunscreen. Free from organic UV absorbers, coloring and fragrance and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. Wash off sunscreen thoroughly with baby soap.

◆ SPF 35 PA +++
◆ Free from coloring and fragrance
◆ Waterproof

Price: 745 JPY / Amazon 589 JPY


Cyclopentasiloxane, zinc oxide, water, titanium oxide, methylheptyl laurate, BG, PEG-9 polydimethylsiloxyethyl dimethicone, methyl methacrylate crosspolymer, glycerin, silica, dimethicone, hydroxylated AI, PEG-11 methyl ether dimethicone , Glyceryl triacetate (behenic acid / isostearic acid / eicosanic acid) glyceryl acetate, cellulose acetate, glycyrrhizic acid (citric acid), citric acid, sucrose fatty acid esters, 2K, Na hyaluronate, ceramide 3


Japanese Drugstore Sunscreen for Kids


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