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Japanese Cooking Classes – Best Living Japan Studio Tokyo

Always one of our most popular course offerings – Japanese cooking classes. Join a Best Living  Japanese cooking lesson to learn traditional Japanese home-style cooking.  You will also learn what is sold at a local supermarket, and how to select and buy the best ingredients for family cooking. After attending a few lessons, you will walk into a Japanese supermarket with more confidence and be able to throw together traditional Japanese home meals for your family. All classes are held at the Best Living Japan Studio located at  @ 3-17-12 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo. All Japanese Cooking Classes are 7,500 JPY (consumption tax included) each or sign up for four for 20,000 JPY and take home dinner. Classes can be signed-up one-by-one or as a group. Pay as you go, or get a discount by buying a set of Best Living Japan vouchers which are valid for one year from purchase date and can be used by friends and family.

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Best Living Japan offers cooking, lifestyle, and crafting classes every day. Click here for Autumn/Winter 2020 classes.

* To limit the spread of the coronavirus, we will have max 10 participants per class and we ask everyone to wear a mask at all times. Please bring 3 tupperware containers to take lunch home.

2020 Fall/Winter – Japanese Cooking Classes


Tokyo Cooking Classes - Best Living Japan Studio THURS. Dec 10 (12:45-15:15)

Japanese Favorites Cooking – Party Food (Gyoza & Karaage)

Main 1: Gyoza (Japanese potstickers)
Main 2: Karaage (Japanese deep fried chicken)
Side: Miso Soup
Rice: White Rice
Learnings: Learn how to make Gyoza and Karaage! Also learn the different types of miso sold!
**Note: We will use pre-made gyoza wrappers.

Best Living Japan Autumn/Winter 2020 Class List

Kintsugi Classes

Washi Egg Classes

Ikkanbari / Washi Chabako

2020 Autumn/Winter – Japanese Cooking Classes

Teacher Introduction

Born in Aomori Japan, raised in the USA and the Netherlands, Yuki loves cooking (and eating!) and shares her passion for cooking with expats and tourists from all over the world.  Her dishes are based on popular homemade Japanese cooking that anyone can easily cook, based on her mom’s recipe.  She is a graduate of Waseda University, and the Japan Food Coordinator School and is a Certified Food Sanitation Supervisor by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health.




Best Living Japan Class FAQs and Policies

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  1. Are there any cooking classes this winter? I really enjoyed the two I took this fall and look forward to doing more.

  2. Hi, do you intend to offer cooking classes from june to august ?

  3. What kind of precautions are you taking for the cooking class? I’m really concerned about covid, and it doesn’t mention anything about it.
    Face shield? Masks? Will alcohol be provided? Do you check temperature?
    What happens if we feel a bit sick on the day? Can we do a makeup on other day or get refunds? What’s your policy on ‘maybe covid cancels’?

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