Japan Slime - Where to Buy and How to Make

Japan Slime – Where to Buy and How to Make

Japan Slime - Where to Buy and How to Make

Curious and creative Japan families if you have young kids most likely they are obsessed with slime, so here is our Japan slime info based on month so searching where to buy and how to make with Japan-sourced materials. Rainy days are great slime making days, so buy some of the items below and keep as a back-up. Slime is called Su-Rai-Mu (スライム) in Japanese so you can ask in any toy or store mentioned below. Here are some other summer and rainy day fun crafts – Tera Tera Bozu,  Personalized Umbrella, and many others.

Japan Slime – Where to Buy and How to Make

Where to Buy – You can buy Japan Slime at most Japan Toy Stores, but it is usually cheaper at one of the stores below

1. Claires – This accessory shop has about 5-10 types of slime which run 250-600 yen a container. The slime display is usually located near the cash register. There are over 20 stores in Japan Claires Slime and over 100 country wide. Japanese store search here or just google Claires in Google Maps.

2. Daiso – Our go to 100 yen store has plenty of slime options. A little difficult to find depending on the store but usually either near the cash register or near the art supplies. Definitely the cheapest place to buy Japan slime. Tokyo Diasos are here.

3. Picnic Harajuku – This Harajuku store is located down a little alley immediately on your right after enter Takeshita dori from Harajuku Yamanote station (walk to the end of the alley and it is on the ground floor – slime is displayed right outside since it is a huge seller). Address:1-14-2 Jingu Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (

Japan Slime - Where to Buy and How to Make
Japan Slime - Where to Buy and How to Make
where to buy slime in tokyo
Harajuku slime










4. DIY slime kits on Amazon.co.jp run about 1,800 – 3,000 yen

Japan Slime - Where to Buy and How to Make
laundry paste (洗濯のり

How to Make Slime with Japanese Materials – スライム作り- The Laundry paste and borax crystals can be purchased at most pharmacies and home center. If you have a Japan slime obsessed child this is the way to go! 

A. In one container mix: 100 ml of room temp water with 100 ml of laundry paste (洗濯のり)mix well until it starts to get a little bubbly and whitish. *To make a fluffier slime add in white glue or shaving cream and mix until you have the desired consistency. If you want to make fluffy add one of these ingredients to step A and mix well then add B and mix more.

How to Make Slime with Japanese Materials, Japan Slime - Where to Buy and How to Make
Borax Crystals

B. In another container mix: 50 ml of lukewarm water and 3 grams of  borax crystals (ホウ砂 (結晶))  and mix well

white glue
shaving cream






**Also fun to add colors, glitter and beads

color dye

Kit of containers, glitter and beads (no raw materials added)





Japan Slime – Where to Buy and How to Make


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