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Japan Rainy Season Survival Items – Top Ten Must Have Japanese Products

We are sharing our favorite Japan rainy season survival items to make your life easier and safer. Rainy Season in Japan starts in mid-June and runs through most of July. It is hot, wet and sticky – the perfect conditions for mold and bugs; so keep your home as dry and clean as possible. The recommended products below will help. If you are looking for baby and child-specific rainy season products, check here.

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Japan Rainy Season Survival Items – Top Ten Must Have Japanese Products

1. Gauze Towel sheet/blanket – This product can be used as a sheet or as a blanket in the summer. It is super light weight and allows the air to flow to keep one cool but also cozy. Here is one I recommend for a single size bed.Amazon.co.jp 限定】クモリ(Kumori) ガーゼケット 3,580 JPY. However, there are plenty of other options available.  タオルケット・ガーゼケット

2. Moisture Absorbing Containers – These moisture catching containers are great for putting in the closet for 1-2 months. They suck out a lot of moisture protecting your clothes and leather accessories. Once the container is full with water then discard water, place in recyclables and replace with a new one. Super easy and convenient. Here is a great 12 pack of containers perfect for a family 湿気とり 水とりぞうさん たっぷり吸い取る吸湿量さらにアップ!  550mlx12個セット(3個パックx4) 湿気取り  about ¥ 1,460 for 12.


3. Dehumidifiers are great to reduce the moisture inside an apartment. Highly recommend this small portable unit that you can move easily from room to room. コンパクト除湿機Wuudi除湿器 カビ about 3,450 JPY. If you have a room over 30 square meters I recommend you invest in a bigger unit. Other room dehumidifiers 



******Japan Rainy Season Survival Items – Top Ten Must Have Japanese Products


4. Shoe Box Moisture Catchers – Shoe boxes can be smelly all year round, but in the wet and warm rainy season, they are a paradise for mold and odors. Pop a couple of these moisture catchers in the shoe box will do wonders to help keep mold and smells away.  Here is a set of 10 for about 2,300 JPY. 水とりぞうさん下駄箱用 × 10個セット . The same product is available in units of one to 60.



5. Umbrella Stand – Organize all the umbrellas that gather in the front entry way in a stylish holder.  Here is one of our favorites-it is a great design or large standing umbrellas and also compact ones that can dry handing from their hooks on the side. The Yamazaki umbrella stand a value at about 3,445 JPY 山崎実業 傘立て ブリック ワイド ホワイト . If you don’t like this design than Amazon Japan has a lot more to choose from – Umbrella Stand (傘立て).



6. Charcoal Odor and Mold Prevention Sheet  – These sheets are a very unique Japanese product and incredibly effective any time of the year, but especially during rainy season. In a house with many shoes this is a lifesaver. Here is a set of two 100 X 100 cm size sheets. You cut the sheets to fit your own shoe box.  備長炭シート(畳下・押入用)1,900 JPY for two sheets. There are many more  charcoal sheet options


*******Japan Rainy Season Survival Items – Top Ten Must Have Japanese Products


7. Mold killer “Kabi Killer” – Great to have on hand especially for the month of April – October when humidity and heat are high and mold loves to grow. It does have a very strong odor so close the room off while it sits for 10-15 mins before rinsing off. Great for bathrooms and kitchens. カビキラー 400ml×3本パック(本体+替え+替え) three 400ml fluid for about 1,100 JPY for the set.  Here is a list of our other favorite Japanese cleaning products

8. Electric Shoe Dryer – If you have wet kids shoes or moist salary man leather shoes this is the product for you. Place one shoe on each arm for a few hours and let the warm air dry and freshen the shoes for the next day. The arms fold down creating a very compact unit for storage in dryer months. Here is our recommend shoe dryer which has a timer for 2,550 JPY Shuosi くつ乾燥機 除菌脱臭水虫解消 タイマー付き
More Shoe Dryers

9. Battery Humidity Meter and Thermometer – Every house should have one of these (Shitsudo-kei = Hydrometer). Great to know how hot and sticky it will be, and the about the chance of rain before you leave the house. Leave in the entry way with easy access to boots and umbrellas. Also, a great way to teach kids about weather.   This unit is just 1,450 JPY a great value ThermoPro デジタル温湿度計 室内 温度計 湿度計. Here are more selection of  Humidity Meter and Thermometers 

10. Rainy Weather Gear – Now is a great time to order boots, umbrellas, bag and bike covers and rain ponchos. 

– great to use year round but indispensable in raining season. Keep rolled up in your bag for sudden rain showers.



Japan Rainy Season Survival Items – Top Ten Must Have Japanese Products


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