Japan Parenting Groups and Resources

Japan Parenting Groups and Resources

If you are a mom or dad to Japan, here are some great Japan Parenting Groups and Resources you should know. Some of the groups are purely online support groups; other have offline events and meet-ups. There are over 30 parenting groups on this list which includes special interest groups around education and life choices and location specific groups. Meet parent to share information and make friends for yourself and your little ones. This list should help you identify which groups you are interested in; then the homework is up to you. Many of these groups are “Closed Groups” which means you will need to ask permission the admin to join.  Other great Tokyo parenting resource are the TELL Exceptional Parenting Program seminars and for those with kids attending Japanese school (English learning resources).

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Japan Parenting Groups and Resources- Mom or Dad there is a group for you!

FACE BOOK and WEBSITE LINK in Alphabetical Order  – the description is from each groups Facebook or website page

Aussie Mums In Japan – A forum for Australian mums who are making Japan their home away from home.

Best Living Japan – Providing Japan-specific lifestyle information (activities, events and resources) to globally minded families living in and visiting Japan.

Brit Mums In Japan – A place for Brits to share a little piece of familiarly, as we make our home on the far side of the world. A support and information exchange group, but most of all, fun! Open to all from the U.K. & Ireland.

Chiba Peanuts (Chiba)– Chiba Peanuts Multicultural Playgroup is a playgroup in and around Ichikawa-shi, Funabashi-shi & Urayasu-shi areas. This group is for parents (Japanese and non-Japanese) who want their children to interact in English with other children.

Chinese Parents in Tokyo – Open group for Chinese parents

East Tokyo Parents (Tokyo, Asakusa area) – Please join our group if you live in the Asakusa area (Asakusa, Kuramae, Ueno, etc.) and have small kids/babies. Let’s get together in our neighbourhood!

Half Time JPN (Tokyo) –  Group for Dads and Mums as a forum for anyone in Tokyo or elsewhere if interested with little or not so little half Japanese kiddos – share advice, information, and more.

Inokashira Odakyu Parents (Tokyo) – A group for parents who have easy access to the Inokashira or Odakyu Lines.  Please feel free to share events, restaurant reviews for child-friendly places, park info, jidokan recommendations, shopping tips etc. for your area.

International Families of Shitamachi (Tokyo) – This group is for international families in Tokyo–foreign, bicultural and internationally-minded Japanese people–who are available to meet up and hang out around Shitamachi (north-east Tokyo)! This area covers Kita, Arakawa, Taito, Adachi, Katsushika, Koto, Sumida and Edogawa.

Kansai Kids Network  This is a closed group designed specifically for networking and meeting up with English-speaking families in the Kansai Region of Japan. Families with English-speaking children are welcome to apply to join.

Keio Line Kids (Tokyo) – For all those with kids living on or near the Keio line/Keio Inokashira line/Keio Sagamihara line! For arranging get-togethers and general area info and discussion

Kids English Literacy Skills in Japan  – Is a group for parents to get ideas and support to help develop their children’s reading and writing skills in English. 

Kunitachi Kids/Tokyo West Yokota Parents – Yokota Parents have a place to ask question.

LGBT parents in Tokyo – A support group for LGBT parents in Tokyo

Mirai (みらい) kids – A playgroup for parents, grandparents and caregivers of children aged 0-5 to meet new people, share experiences, play with the children and explore the different places in Yokohama.

Parents with Kids in Japanese Schools – A gathering of international parents whose children are attending Japanese schools (as opposed to international school) in the Tokyo/Yokohama area.

P.L.C (Play and Learn Club) (Tokyo) – Playgroup for moms and babies living in the Bunkyo-ku/ Chiyoda-ku area.

Roppongi Playdate Group (Tokyo)– Moms with children of all age groups living in and nearby Roppongi (in principle everyone is welcome to join!) can join our facebook page and use it as a platform to connect with other moms: to organize a playdate/event or meet up.

Roppongi Cooperative Playgroup (Tokyo) The Roppongi Cooperative is a not for profit group of parent volunteers who host playgroups and events for parents & caregivers. We aim to serve families around Tokyo who value multiculturalism and multilingualism.The co-op meets Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Regular meetings are offered in fall, winter and spring. Planning, special interest groups and open play is offered in summer, dependent upon volunteer availability.

Saitama Tots English Playdates (STEPS) (Saitama) – Playdates in Saitama for English speaking parents and their children. STEPS is a relaxed playgroup with no fixed structure, dates or times. The only condition is that Moms and/or Dads speak English. 

Saitamamas (Saitama)– Hopefully we can gather some moms, Japanese and foreign, living in Saitama so we can meet for lunches, playdates or exchange informations 

Tama-Plaza English Playgroup (Yokohama) – The  “Tama-plaza English Playgroup”is  based around Tama-plaza station of Tokyu Denentoshi line in Aoba-ku, Yokohama. A playgroup with members ranging from 0 to 9 year olds, and their parents.

Tamagawa Playgroup  (Toky0) – This is an English playgroup for families in and around the Tamagawa area.  They meet once a month on the fourth Saturday of each month. 

TELL Exceptional Parenting Program (Tokyo) – Great parenting seminars held on a variety of topics 5-6 times per academic year.

Tokyo Expat Mums – This group has been created for everyone who has moved to Tokyo. If you have a question please ask it and I ask the other members to answer.

Tokyo International Parents & Pals (TIPP) (Tokyo) – TIPP is a Non-for-Profit group for international and/or internationally minded parents and their friends in and around the Tokyo area.

Tokyo Mothers Group (Tokyo) – Tokyo Mothers Group (TMG) is a support and contact group for mothers and families in Tokyo and surrounding areas.

Tokyo Nursing Circle (Tokyo) – Tokyo Nursing Circle is a breastfeeding support group that meets on the second Friday of every month in Roppongi.

Tokyo Pregnancy Group (Tokyo) – Our group gives pregnant women and women trying to conceive a chance to meet other expecting and TTC mothers.

YOKAasan Mothership (Yokohama/Kawasaki) – Welcome to the YOkohama KAwasaki Area Okaasan/Mother Friendship Group. Lets share information relevant to this great pocket of Japan, organise get-togethers and grow this support network.

Yokohama Mommas (Yokohama)– A sharing platform for expats in Yokohama to be able to archive all the ‘tribal knowledge’ gained while living here.

Yokohama Park Playgroup (Yokohama)- An outside playgroup open to anyone who wants to get together and get some fresh air with their kids!


Japan Parenting Groups and Resources – Mom or Dad there is a group for you!



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