Japan House Mold Fighting Products – How to Prevent Mold in Japan

Although mold grows year round the months from May to September are the months the Japan house mold fighting products are in high usage. The combination of heat and humidity is a breeding ground for mold.  Keeping on top of prevention every day is an absolute must to keep your family healthy and possessions mold free. If you are going away for a long summer break, you need to take extra precautions to make sure you don’t come home to a house full of mold! Here are also our recommended top Japanese cleaning products and also laundry products. 

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Japan House Mold Fighting Products – How to Prevent Mold in Japan


  1. If you have a trunk room, make sure a dehumidifier is running to keep the room moisture free. Baseball gloves, strollers, and luggage are breeding grounds for mold. Mine has to be emptied once a day it is so humid.
  2. Place moisture collectors (shiikke tori)  in closets and to absorb moisture. They absorb about 2 cups of water andJapan House Mold Fighting Products  then you toss them. At about 300 yen per unit, they are worth their value in the shoes and clothing they will save you.
  3. Leave your bathroom fans on 24/7 between May and September (especially when you go away).
  4. Clean your room air conditioner/heater filters once every two months, and have it deep cleaned or spray with mold prevention spray once a year.
  5. Make sure to scrub the kitchen sink and bathroom traps: remove all lids and scrub inside – great to do Japan House Mold Fighting Products before leaving for vacation.

Our Favorite Mold Prevention and Cleaning Products

  1.  Dehumidifiers are great to reduce the moisture inside an apartment. Highly recommend this small portable unit that you can move easily from room to room. コンパクト除湿機Wuudi除湿器 カビ – 4,000 JPY. If you have a room over 30 square meters I recommend you invest in a bigger unit. Other room dehumidifiers 

2. Moisture Absorbing Containers (Shiikke Tori) – These moisture catching containers are great for putting in the closet for 1-2 months. They suck out a lot of moisture protecting your clothes and leather accessories. Once the container is full with water than just throw it away and replace with a new one. Super easy and convenient. Here is a great 12 pack of containers perfect for a family 湿気とり 水とりぞうさん たっぷり吸い取る吸湿量さらにアップ!  550mlx12個セット(3個パックx4) 湿気取り  ¥ 1,413.


3. Mold killer “Kabi Killer” – Great to have on hand especially for the month of April – October when humidity and heat at high and told loves to grow. It does have a very strong odor so close the room off while it sits for 10-15 mins before rinsing off. Great for bathrooms and kitchens. カビキラー 特大サイズ 本体+替えセット (two 1,000 gram fluid, approximately 1,500 – 1,700 for the set.  Here is a list of our other favorite Japanese cleaning products


4, Pipe Cleaner   – 小林製薬のかんたん洗浄丸 お徳用20錠 (400-500 JPY) I don’t know why but my drains in Japan give off a strange smell when the temps get warmer, so I have started using this pipe and drain cleaner about once a month to keep the smell away. Just plop on in your sink, toilet or bath drain with a bit of water and let it sit for about 30-60 mins. Seems to keep everything clean and running smoothly. If you pipe is really clogged try this.


Washing Machine Cleaner
–  Japanese washing machines hide mold behind the drums. To keep the mold away or kill it if you have, I recommend using “sentakuki kurina”. Just drop some of the powder in the washer and then run a wash cycle with no clothing. The mold will be gone, and clothes so much cleaner. I recommend running the process monthly between May and September and then once every 2-3 month in the cooler season. Here is my favorite product that works in stainless and plastic drums. 

6. Charcoal Odor and Mold Prevention Sheet  – These sheets are a very unique Japanese product and incredibly effective any time of the year, but especially during rainy season. I have three teenagers, and it is a life saver with sports shoes. Here is a set of two 100 X 100 cm size sheets. You cut to fit your own shoe box.  備長炭シート(畳下・押入用)2,300 JPY. there are more charcoal sheet options


Japan House Mold Fighting Products – How to Prevent Mold in Japan

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