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Tokyo 2018 January activities

January 2018 Japan Family Calendar Planning – Organize Now! Holidays, Events and Seasonal

To help busy global families in Japan be more organized, we have prepared the January 2018 Japan Family Caledaner Planning which highlights Japan holidays, events and seasonal activities. If you are in Tokyo for the New Year Holiday check out our New Year Kids Guide and our New Year Activity List. Take out your 2018 calendar and pen in your plans! Reduce stress and have a great list of activities to keep the family laughing and learning.

++If you have recently moved to Tokyo consider attending our next Tokyo Jump Start Orientation Program on January 12th, 2018. A great way to learn about living in Japan and make some new freinds.

January 2018 Japan Family Calendar Planning – Organize Now! Holidays, Events and Seasonal

School Calendars

Tokyo Ice Skating Rinks Winter 2016 - 2017Japanese National Holidays & Big Celebrations

  • New Years Celebrations (Dec 31-January 4th) – National Holiday
  • Coming of Age Day (Seijin no Hi) – Monday, January 8th – National Holiday

Seasonal Events You can also check our weekend recommendations here

1. Watch the First Sunrise – A Japanese tradition is to watch the first sunrise (hatsu-hinode) on January 1st. The best spots to view in Tokyo that open between early on January 1st are the Tokyo Sky Tree, Roppongi Hills Observatory, and Tokyo Tower. You will need to get tickets to be in the early viewing so review the links above on directions to get tickets.  

2. Visit a Temple on New Years Day – Enjoy your New Year Eve by visiting your local temple or a major one such as Meiji Jingu or Sensoji from mid-night or January 1st day. It is a great people watching experience as everyone comes out to pray and pay respects. Return your old amulets and charms from last year and buy new ones or safety, health, education and love for 2016.  

Tokyo seven Gods walk, Tokyo family New year3. Minato Seven Gods Walk – January 1-6, 2018 try the Minato Seven Gods Walk visiting six Shinto shrines and two Buddhist temples in Minato-ku. There are eight stops representing the seven gods and the treasure ship they ride. took us about three hours on bike that included waiting time at each temple to pray and get our lucky stamp. Walking takes about 4-5 hours depending on the number of rest stops. It is fun to buy the commemorative paper and collect stamps along the way. www.bestlivingjapan.com/minato-seven-gods-walk-minato-ku/

4. Dezome Shiki (Ariake Tokyo Big Site area) – January 6th – Warning people of the dangers of fire through acrobatic stunts on top of ladders. Fun festival organized by the Tokyo Fire Department, this is an event held to pray for a safe year. Although similar events are held throughout Japan, the spectacular New Year’s Parade of Firemen has over 100 fire engines and helicopters participating, along with as large-scale fire-fighting and emergency drills.

5. Setagaya Boroichi – Flea Market (Setagaya) – January 15 & 16th – Over 700 stalls selling everything and the kitchen sink.  Get off at Setagaya station and walk Boroichi Dori to Kamimachi Station. Plan for 2-3 hours to see the entire street. Very crowded so not recommend for children. This event only happens twice a year December and January. List of January 2018 antique markets.

6. Furusato Matsuri (Tokyo Dome, Bunkyo) – January 12 – 21st – Furusato Matsuri Tokyo presents traditional festivals and famous specialties from across Japan at Tokyo Dome. 

Seasonal Activities & Recommended Trips

  1. Strawberry Picking –  www.bestlivingjapan.com/strawberry-picking-tokyo-area-2017/
  2. Sledding – (Best Living Japan will publish a list soon)
  3. Ice skating – www.bestlivingjapan.com/tokyo-ice-skating-rinks-winter-2017-2018/
  4. Skiing day or weekend trips – we love Karuizawa Prince, Gala- Yuzawa and Hakuba for little ones
  5. Indoor play centers – www.bestlivingjapan.com/top-recommended-indoor-playcenters-in-tokyo/

January 2018 Japan Family Calendar Planning – Organize Now! Holidays, Events and Seasonal


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