Jakuzure Walking Path (Nakameguro to Sangenjaya, Tokyo) – Water Walking Path

Jakuzure A nicely manicured walk with flowers and green starting at Nakameguro and ending in Sangenjaya is the Jakuzure Green River Way / Jakuzure walking path. In the past the Jakuzure River, also known as the “noisy river”, flooded frequently during typhoon season so the city decided to cover it and replace it with a green walking path. Construction began in Meguro 1972 and was completed in late 2003.

The Jakuzure walking path is a peaceful walk that begins in Nakameguro. The path`s intersections are marked with signs signifying the names of bridgesJakuzure  that passed over the river and animal sculptures to commemorate the animals and crustaceans that lived there; birds, lobsters, turtles, fish, etc. While walking the path kids can learn about the variety of flowers and plants in bloom, play games like counting the benches that align the path, and identify the many structures when passing each intersection. There are small parks along the path to take a break / play as well; Kamiyon Jidouyuen Playground and the Kuritsu Komatsunagi Park (区立駒繋公園) and Shinto Shrine. Venture off the path near the Mishuku Hospital to the play park Setagaya Park. Continue down the path and stop at SAVOY Pizza for a bite or head back to the Nakameguro Area.

To find the start of the path take the South Exit of Nakameguro Station and follow the Toyoko Line tracks from City Bakery (tracks should be on your left). Walk alongside the Nakameguro Koukashita filled with newly opened restaurants and shops. Follow the street to your right and walk underneath the row of Cherry Blossoms – a beautiful spot during Sakura Season. The path starts at the end of the trees.

Jakuzure Jakuzure Jakuzure


Jakuzure Walking Path – Nakameguro to Sangenjaya


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  1. I finally found this walk after several attempt the lack of signage or available Ma’s in my area was disappointing. Coming from Switzerland I guess my expectations were high. It would also have been nice to find out the length of the walk. I intend to fi walk the side that goes to Nakameguro next time. I was pleased to see the French Bakery midway so I had a welcome cup of coffee before my walk back along the main road and eventual to the Tokyu hotel in Yutenji.

    • Hello Ruth,
      Switzerland is beautiful!! I can imagine your disappointment when walking the Jakuzure Path in this concrete jungle. However, we are glad you were able to find the French Bakery and relax before completing the journey.
      If looking for a nature walk we recommend the The Institute of Nature Studies (Shirogane), Rinshi no Mori (Meguro & Shinagawa) or Senzoukuike (Otaku).

  2. Yesterday, I completed my walk of the Jakuzure Green River Walk, starting near the Naka-Meguro station. Your directions from this position were clear and explicit. A wonderful peaceful few hours. I highly recommend tourists to use these walk in and around Tokyo. I crossed several travellers also walking along enjoying this different view of the city. Sorry to see the imprint from smokers and one or two pieces of rubbish on these otherwise clean walkways. Cyclists were polite and never racing along. Plenty of shade and benches to take a rest temples and shrines to admire.
    Thank you for your webpage,

    • Hello Ruth,
      We`re happy you found and enjoyed the Jakuzure Walk. It`s one of our favorite walks with the kids – sans smokers.

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