J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle Rental

J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle Rental – Best Way to Travel Kyoto

Biking is the easiest and most economical way to get around Kyoto, so don’t delay rent a bike today from J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle rental. They have simple single gear to electrically assisted with and without child seats. A great bike rental service who will provide you with helmets, phone holders, and rain gear if needed. I have rented twice from J-Cycle and both times had a great experience. All bike rental shops book up during busy season so best to place your reservation before your visit to assure they have the size and type you want. For our three days in Kyoto with kids recommendations check here. 

J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle Rental – Best Way to Travel Kyoto

J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle Rental
Biking along the river in Kyoto
J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle Rental
Biking Kyoto at age 8

If you plan to bike for most of the day and travel into the hills to visit the temples, I highly recommend the electric assist bikes that will give your peddling a serious lift, especially if you have kids to haul around. I was able to bike around with an electric assist bike all day carrying a 5-year-old and a 4-year-old on the same bike.

J-Cycle has this great Kyoto bike map with recommended courses. Print it out and study before you pick-up your bike. Best to have a plan. http://www.j-cycle.com/takatsuji/en/cyclingMap/download/cyclingmap_en.pdf

Please note the biking street rules below before you venture out.

J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle RentalJ-Cycle Bike Rental offer various types of bikes with varying prices.

1. Standard Single Gear type – single gear, basket and light – 800 yen per day

2. Standard 3 Gear type – three gears, basket and light – 1,000 yen per day (recommend if you plan to visit the temples on hills)

3. Electric Assist Bike – basket and light, child seat optional – 1,700  yen per day (they also have double seat types – front and back)

4. Junior Cross 3 gear standard – good for kids 113cm-133cm (44.5in.-52.3in.). Kids called than 133 cm/52 inches can usually use an adult bike with very low seat – 1,000 yen per day

Admin notes on renting from J-Cycle:

1. You need your passport or ID (drivers license etc).
2. You must sign a waver that you understand the rules and regulations.
3. You are responsible to pay for the full replacement cost of the bike if stollen or damaged. They do offer a partial insurance program which covers 2/3 of the cost of the bike for ¥200/day (standard bike) or ¥500/day (electric bike).
■ Child seat(Front/Back): 300 JPY
■ Child & adult helmet: 200 JPY
■ Cycling Navigation (Japanese only): 500 JPY

J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle Rental
Line up early!

Some notes on the Kyoto Biking experience. 

J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle Rental
No Bikes Allowed Sign

1. Show up a few minutes early to the rental shop since everyone lines-up for the opening.
2. Take a backpack with water, caps, sunscreen and extra layers if cool. All the bikes have baskets.
3. Learn how to lock and unlock the bike before your leave the shop.
4. Ride on the left side of the road.
5. Follow all rules of the road stopping at red lights, not biking the wrong way up a one way street, etc.
6. Cycling on sidewalks is banned, unless clearly marked with a cycling path mark.
7. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way!
8. Children under age 12 are reguired by law to wear helmets.
9. You must park in official bike parking lots. Your bike will be hauled away by the bike police if not in a marked parking area.

J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle Rental – Best Way to Travel Kyoto

J-Cycle Kyoto Bike Rental Details
Address: Higashinotoin Takatsuji-sagaru Shimogyo-ku Kyoto  Directions (京都市下京区 燈籠町570番地 京都東洞院高辻ビル地下1階)
Hours: Everyday 10:00 – 19:00 (bikes need to be returned by 18:30)
Phone: 075-341-3196
Website: http://j-cycle.com
Email: j-cycle@jsb-g.co.jp


J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle Rental – Best Way to Travel Kyoto


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