Isshin Rice House

Isshin Rice House (Daikanyama, Tokyo) – Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Isshin Rice HouseGohanya Isshin Daikanyama (ごはんや 一芯 代官山) is one of our favourite traditional Japanese restaurants, and hidden gems, to take friends visiting Tokyo.

Located across the street from Kyu Asakura House and next to the Daikanyama Koban (Police Box), Gohanya Isshin sits hidden at the basement of a pale, yellow brick building. Walk down the wide, spiral staircase and be impressed by the modern, Japanese style entrance. Slide open the entrance door, take off your shoes and wait to be seated.

Isshin Rice HouseThe interior has warm lighting, bamboo dividers, an open kitchen and a calm and friendly atmosphere. Their lunch sets are served with your choice of a Main (An assorted Sashimi and Tempura mixed plate, assorted Sashimi only, Tempura, Grilled Mackerel, Crabmeat Croquette, Deep-fried Chicken Thigh, Japanese Omelette, and Japanese Braised Pork Belly). All lunch sets come with rice served in an ohitsu  – a Japanese rice serving bowl, miso soup, Japanese pickles and two small side dishes for 950 yen – 1800 yen. Rice is served, and refilled in the ohitsu to keep the rice warm and fluffy. Beers and Sweets are available on the menu as well.

Visit the Kyu Asakura House, a beautiful Japanese home constructed in 1919 with an expansive garden, and also an Important Cultural Property, after lunch then take a leisurely stroll through Daikanyama. Take a look at our Daikanyama Archives for more great places to visit.

Gohanya Isshin Rice House Details:

Isshin Rice HouseAddress: 30-3 Sarugakucho, Shibuya, Tokyo. Basement of the Twin Building Daikanyama (〒150-0033 Tokyo, Shibuya, 猿楽町30−3, ツインビル代官山A棟B1)
Phone: 03-6455-1614
Business hours: Daily 11:30-15:00 and 17:30-24:00
Access: A 4-min walk from Daikanyama Station (Google Map)
Notes: They do not take reservations for lunch.

P.S. Rainy Season is here. Read our Tips for Surviving Japan`s Rainy Season with Kids and hide out at our Top Recommended Restaurant Cafes with Play Spaces for babies and young kids.

Isshin Rice House sashimi plate Isshin Rice House Isshin Rice House Isshin Rice House Isshin Rice HouseIsshin Rice House

Isshin Rice House, Daikanyama – Traditional Japanese Cuisine

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