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Interior Design Classes


Join us at Best Living Japan for our Interior Design Classes filled with ideas and inspiration that will help you to transform your house into a home.   In this 4 part course, you will learn about key aspects of the design process, tools to create a home that feels warm and inviting, how to find your design style, and the confidence to bring your ideas to life. With the tips and tools you’ve learned in this course, you’ll be able to create designs with confidence and style.  The Interior Design Course (4 classes) is  20,000 JPY +8% JP consumption tax. All classes are held at the Best Living Japan Studio located at  @ 3-17-12 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Click here for discount voucher information. Best Living Japan offers cooking, lifestyle, and crafting classes every day. Click here for 2019 Winter Spring Best Living Japan courses.

2019 Tokyo Winter Spring Interior Design Classes

Best Living Japan Classes - 2019 Tokyo Winter Spring Interior Design ClassesTHUR.  January 31

9:30 -12:30

Key Elements of Design & Importance of Colour

  • Learn how these core design elements are used and how they can help you to
    create a beautiful space- function, mood, scale, symmetry, balance, texture,
    color, and star pieces.
  • we’ll look at how color influences mood and the overall look and feel of your home, and how to choose colors and combine color palettes that will achieve your desired style. We’ll get creative mixing
    colors, create a color wheel, and discover how warm and cool colors can create
    a peaceful harmony, or a vibrant contrast.


Best Living Japan Classes - 2019 Tokyo Winter Spring Interior Design ClassesTHUR.  February 21

9:30 – 12:00


The Art of Layering and Composition

  • The key to creating a beautiful interior that feels personal and inviting,
    are the details and finishing touches– what’s known as layering. Learn how to create beautiful vignettes and integrate different styles and collectables gathered from
    your travels.
Best Living Japan Classes - 2019 Tokyo Winter Spring Interior Design ClassesTHUR. March 7  

9:30 – 12:00


Mood Board

  • Learn how to create a Mood Board – a fun, creative tool to help you find clarity and
    focus for your project. Are you struggling to find your design style, or decide on the
    colour scheme for your home, or which pieces of furniture to buy? You’ll learn how to achieve a Mood Board that helps you to capture inspirations and formulate a design plan.
Best Living Japan Classes - 2019 Tokyo Winter Spring Interior Design ClassesTHUR.  March 14 
9:30 – 12:00
Transform Your House Into A Home

  • Mood Board Continued:

In this final class, we will complete our chosen project and Mood Board.

2019 Tokyo Winter Spring Interior Design Classes

interior design classesCherie Jones: Cherie has been involved in interior design for over two decades, with experience working on four continents. She began her career in South Africa, as a stylist for television and glossy print magazines, before moving into interior design. Cherie founded a successful design company in Chicago called African Sanctuary, with a retail shop, design showroom and online shop, featuring sophisticated African design. Since moving to Tokyo in 2014, she’s helped expats to decorate their homes, has taught a number of classes in interior design, and is a regular speaker at events. She will soon be launching a new blog on travel and design. Cherie believes your home should be your sanctuary, and her passion is to help people explore their sense of style and create their own personal sanctuary.


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