Information on Being Pregnant in Tokyo

As soon as you find out that you`re pregnant, get it confirmed by your doctor and then make a decision as to who will provide your prenatal care. Below is a short list of popular OBGYNs, Doctors and Clinics that I put together. Remember to find a Doctor/Midwife who makes you feel comfortable and visit the Hospital/Clinics. It`s important to see where you`ll give birth and where you`ll recooperate the days post delivery.

– Here is a list from TPG. It`s a little outdated, but still useful TPG Doctors and Hospitals List

Once your pregnancy is confirmed and your doctor has given you an estimated due date, Register your Pregnancy at your local ward office to receive the following:
– Mother & Child Handbook (boshi techo)
   * They offer a bilingual one (English & Japanese). I love this as it records your pregnancy, child`s birth record, growth and immunizations.
– Birth notification form
    * This must be submitted to your local office within 14 days of the child’s birth.
– Discount coupons for prenatal check ups
– A Pregnancy badge. If you lose this, you can pick another one up at most train/subway stations.
– Information on prenatal classes
    * Classes are held in Japanese. A Translator is provided at some locations.
– Information on Japanese Mommy groups
– Access to Helpers/Cleaners before and after birth
    * Meguro-ku offers helpers for a low price of ¥500/hr a month before birth and 2 months after birth.
    * Price and hours vary depending on your ward.

– Join the Tokyo Pregnancy Group
A great resource that provides information related to conception, pregnancy, delivery and newborn parenting in Japan.

Here are a few helpful links to get you started:
How to Hire A Helper
How to Keep your Baby and Toddler Warm and Healthy in Japan
English Speaking Pediatricians in Tokyo
Gifts for Baby 0-9 months

Some differences in being pregnant in Japan and elsewhere.

Epidurals are not common in Japan. If you find a hospital that offers it, they will administer it during business hours only. If you deliver outside business hours, you most likely won`t be able to have it. If you want an epidural guarantee contact Dr. Sakamoto

In Japan it is typical to stay in the hospital anywhere from 4-7 days (or more) after birth. You can request an early release with approval from your doctor.

If you decide to go with a Japanese doctor, they can be strict about weight gain.

Prenatal vitamins are not normally recommended by doctors and can be hard to find in Japan. I had mine shipped in from the US, other mothers use iHerb.

Do you have anything else to add or a recommendation to give? I`d love to hear them!


Pregnant in Tokyo


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